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Anger begets greater anger

The film <<Three Billboards outside Ebbing,Missouri>> tells a story about a desperate mother whose daughter was raped but the murder was still at large. With unbearable anger, the leading role Mildred put up three billboards on the road in the town to blamed the police chief, Willoughby. Mildred’s action caused an uproar in the town. However, most people in the town stood by the cancer patient Mildred’s side, who had contributed a lot for the town as a police officer. As the story unfolded, more and more characters were involved in the bloody and violent conflict.

Not correspond with what I had imaged, the leading role Mildred is a irritable and sharp-tongued woman who had suffered from domestic violence, who lived at the bottom of society with a low income. She brought up a wayward daughter and a son alone after divorce. She is like the isolated cactus grew in the desert, the bloody rose with thorns. She was so crazy that she even abused the priest, hurt the dentist with the dental drill and burnt the police station.

Because months after her daughter being raped, the murder was still at large, Mildred nearly went into hysterics. She blamed herself for quarreling with her dear daughter, she blamed for the unsolved case, she blamed for the god. She vent her anger on those police officers. She viewed those policemen as abominable scourge. She blamed the police chief Willoughby for his failure to perform his duties. Hence, she used extreme measures---put up three billboards on the road, saying ”Raped while dying””And still no arrested?””How come chief Willoughby?”.

If you follow tacky plots, you may consider Willoughby a total villain as Mildred thought. However, the converse is true. Willoughby is a respectable police officer, a loving father. He had indeed made endeavor to break the case, but failed eventually. Moreover, at that time, he was terminally ill. Yet, Willoughby is not perfectly good. Before his suicide, he wrote three letters and paid the billboard rent for one more month for Mildred, thus making Mildred continue being condemned by the public. Maybe it can be thought as revenge.

As I make above comments, I recalled the event happened these days that a stewardess was raped by a “didi”driver. If the killer was not found and the stewardess’s father did some extreme actions as Mildred had done, what would the public opinions be?

The constant reversals of the plot set people thinking. The ending part of the movie moved me a lot. The “baddie”Dixon who discriminate black people and homosexuality risked his life to salvage materials for the rage case about Mildred’s daughter, though he knew the fire was set by Mildred. Mildred put down her hatred for her ex-husband. Mildred apologized to Dixon, they forgave each other and set out together to kill another rapist who had nothing to do with them but was still at large.

Love seems to have the magic to reclaim everyone.

Maybe sometimes our views are somewhat lopsided. Humanity is complex. There is no absolute goodies or baddies. Maybe Anger, hatred, bigotry and violence are human nature which provoke series tragedies. Anger begets greater anger while love can do the opposite.




不同于我想象中那样,影片的主角Mildred是一个经历过家暴,收入微薄,生活在社会底层,离异之后独自抚养一个叛逆女儿和儿子的暴躁犀利的女人,她甚至怒怼神父,钻伤牙医,放火烧警察局。她像沙漠中孤立无援的仙人掌,她像铿锵的带刺玫瑰。在女儿被奸杀几个月之后还不能破案的情况下,她的情绪近乎崩溃,她愤怒于自己辱骂了亲爱的女儿,愤怒与破案无望。她把这一切发泄的矛头指向警察局,认为警察局那帮人只是混吃混喝不作为的蛀虫,认为警长Willoughby没有尽到自己的破案职责,所以她使用了很极端的方法——在小镇公路上竖起三块广告,这三块广告牌上写的内容分别是”Raped while dying””And still no arrested?””How come chief Willoughby?”。






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