God is love.

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I feel blessed that I have a spiritual guidance in my life. That is my bible teacher. She’s been guiding me for 2 years. During this period of time I really feel that i’m changing little by little spiritually.

It’s funny..when people acting against the Bible but still saying they are faithful Christian. There’s a lot people doing that. I saw so many of them. They say one thing and then act another. I really like this show. It put me to think. Think about the relationship between god and myself, my relationship to others. Ask myself about the truth and where to find them.

Religions are complicated. It includes politics and others. But you can define your own relationship to God. That is pure. There’s no saint in this world. So that’s why we all need to be reminded to do the things that follows god’s will. It’s hard sometimes. It’s really hard. You’ll get lost all the time and ask yourself the same question and have doubts all the time.

I have doubts all the time. Before I’ll say if god is a loving god,why he is setting so many rules for his faithful ones? But now that I realized keeping friendly relationship and ordinary relationship is different. A friendly relationship will fell but the ordinary one won’t. I do have faith in him but not strong enough.

Religions are not for fun. It will get uncomfortable sometime when you looking at others all have fun. But everything is temporary in this world. We are the dust flying in the air. We are nothing to God. We need God, God doesn’t need anyone of us.

Sometimes you will feel there’s no point doing anything in this world. Life is too short. All the emotions we got it faded right away. Happy, sorrow it goes away. No matter how hard we trying to live our life. It still look pointless in the end. But that does not mean we don’t have the right to experience all the feelings. We do. It’s just if you find something more meaningful to look up to, you’ll be more rejoice.

Set our priority in life. Cherish your family. Even though love would fade away you still need to look after the one that you love and love you till death.

I hate seeing people fighting against each other for the conflicts in different religion. To me, there’s only one god and he’ll be the only one that set the principle in our life. There’s no point arguing if people just genuine love God. I mean what’s the point? It’s just people fighting against power..

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