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Film review of Bad Genius

I had never watched a Thailand movie before, though I knew about Thailand creative advertisements. However, after watching Bad Genius, I find there are also


Film review of Bad Genius

I had never watched a Thailand movie before, though I knew about Thailand creative advertisements. However, after watching Bad Genius, I find there are also some awesome people in the filmdom.

Bad Genius is revised from a real incident that a Chinese examinee cheated by taking advantage of jet lag. It is a pity that there is no Chinese people revised it into a film, while Thailand people caught this opportunity and performed miracles in the filmdom. The heroin, Aokbab, is a famous model and this is her first time to act in a movie. Nevertheless, it is hard to identify this. Besides, other actors and actresses are all have both good appearance and consummate skill, which establish foundation for the film’s success. Background music’ up and down add the immersion and realism, while Lyn and Bank’ subtle changes about their eyes make audience feel tense and worry about them. At the same time, when they are preparing for cheat in the STIC, thoughtful and well-organized process with a few of contradictions bring shock and realism.

Lyn is from a lone parent family, and her father send her to a noble school aiming to let her get better education. In the new school, she meets Grace and from her experience, she knows that a teacher tells students answers on purpose in his tutorial class just before the exam, to attract more students to attend his class. Besides, she knows that father pay school much sponsorship money. These settings foreshadow the series of cheat later, including help Grace cheat out of friendship at the beginning, help classmates cheat in the name of teaching them piano to make up her losing scholarship and help more people to pass SITC to make fortune. Bank is also from a lone parent family, and his mother has a small and scruffy laundry. He is excellent as the same as Lyn. He is honest in the beginning and shops a classmate’s cheating, which involves Lyn in, thus Lyn lose the opportunity to get scholarship. Later his agreeing to join Lyn and her companies is out of a little guilt, Bar’s trick and pressure to support family.

Besides surprising methods of cheat, there are other impressive scenes. Lyn says to Bank: even though you are honest, life still cheats you. Thinking about his experience and mother’s work, this sentence plays a role in Bank’s change. And nowadays there surely are incidents about good people don’t get deserved repay and bad guys are still out there, such as pence, corruption and lifting a granny up or not. Another scene impressing audience greatly happens when Lyn and Bank face sea, speaking and smiling, even take a photo together. At that time, they must be looking forward to their bright prospective and imagining studying overseas. However, reality is always cruel, they could hardly guess that they are losers later.

This film reveals bad social habits, such as some educational institutions make money from students, teachers run tutorial class, good people are cheated by life and so on. At the meanwhile, its ending tells us that no matter what mistakes we make, it can take a turn for the better if we confess we are wrong.

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