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Life in a day

We received 4500 hours of video from 192 countries.

All of it shot on a single day: 24th July 2010

What do you have in your pocket?

What do you love?

What do you fear?

Wise men say, only fools rush in.



You might be wondering why I’m up this ungodly hour. Like others, I believe that the time between 3:00 am. and 4:00 am. often during this time of the day, I hear the sound of my name uttered by an unseen presence.


You know how much strength it takes to rebel? Ha. So this is a night in the life of S. Gray, man. You know what I’m saying? Sleeping on the coach…with nobo…Grinding my ass off every day. Shorties not enjoying their mother. Man not enjoying his wife or his woman, his lady. Just bullshit, man. Alpha made trapped in and locked in through religion and politics. Soon enough, man, my plans, will all come into perfection.


When daddy has put the incense in there.


What are these offerings for? To celebrate the full moon.


We got things to do, places to go, people to see, futures to make.


No job is too big or too small.


This is Kathmandu, Nepal. I have been in 190 countries so far. I’ve been struck by cars six times. Five times, surgery. There are so many careless drivers in the world. I have seen many different sizes fly.


I moved here four years ago, a terrible drug addict.


Rosary. Very good way of spending your time profitably in the eternal dimension.


Telephone headset. Extremely good way of wasting your time in the earthly dimension.

我要讲的是,我不能工作,要不然谁来管我的孩子?我妻子过世了,就是孩子的妈妈。我有个20岁的儿子有病,他是个傻子。我们天天都得把他拴起来,不然他会到处乱跑。这个地方总共住了14 个人,没有电,没有水,也没有下水道,可是我们还活着。上帝不会忘记我们的。他创造了我们,这就是我们的信仰。上帝不会创造了我们,然后又把我们忘记。

My story is, I can’t work, because who else would look after my kids? My wife passed away, my children’s mother. I’ve got a 20 year old son who is sick. He’s a retard. We have to tie him up all day to stop him wandering off. Fourteen people live in this place. We have no electricity, no water, no drains. But we are still alive. God will not forget us. He created us. This is what I believe. God wouldn’t have created this population just to forget us.


I love being me.


I love my life. But what do I love the most? I love my Lord, my heavenly Father, my Creator, from whom all blessing flow.


I love doing about 150 miles an hour down a motorway in a good car.


I actually love my refrigerator. It’s such a cool thing. It remains at one corner. It keeps its mouth shut. I love my refrigerator, nothing else but my refrigerator.

我喜欢“ mamihlapinatapai”这个单词,它是亚格罕语(Yaghan)中的词汇,亚格罕语现在已经废弃了。以前在南美洲南端的火地岛,曾有人讲这种语言。我从没听过这个单词的正确读法,所以我的发音可能不对,但它的意思很美,是指两方都想采取某个行动,但是两方都不想先行动,这样的时刻或者感觉。可能是两个部落首领,他们都希望彼此之间能够和平共处,但是两个人都不想先采取行动。也有可能是聚会上的两个人,都想要接近对方,但是两个人都没勇气迈出第一步。

I love the word “manihlapinatapai”. It’s from the Yaghan language, which is now a dead language. But it was spoken in Tierra del Fuego, the very southernmost point of South America. I’ve never heard the word said properly, so I could be pronouncing it wrong. But the meaning is quite beautiful. It means that moment or feeling when two people both want to initiate something, but neither wants to be the one to start it. It can be perhaps two tribal leaders both wanting to make peace, but neither wanting to be the one to begin it. Or it could be two people at a party wanting to approach each other and neither quite brave enough to make the first move.


I don’d know. I just think that, you know,just concentrate on the fact that, you know, you have very, very high feelings of esteem for her. That she’s somebody that you’ve always admired.


Esteem? Is that the word I should use?


You hold her in very high regard. She’s a special person in your life.


What about the possibility of a possibility?


Let me say that it is meant for a women to kneel down. For example, a women is supposed to kneel down for a man.


She comes, and she kneels down every day?


Yes, because I’m a man. She has to respect.


It’s the culture.


So marriage truth number one, uh, love is a battlefield. Listen, you two are going to fight like hooded roosters. Let’s just get it out there. It’s science.You know, place any two animals in a contained area together, um, you know, there will be awesome tenderness, but also there will be blood.


He was surely one of the greatest poets that ever lived, and if my babies can read Walt Whitman day and night and learn from him, I’ll be very happy.


After all, babies, he did say, “I am August. I don’t trouble my soul to vindicate itself.” No, he didn’t say “soul”. He said, “I do not trouble …”


That’s enough, you’ll use up all the memory. That’s del-indulgent and…Please stop. They need winding. Please stop. Stop being so selfish and putting yourself first.


Please, I have been looking after them all day….okay, fine.


John, it is necessary to address one or two shortcomings in, uhh the physical side of marriage. Surely no one would argue that there are certain physical demands a wife can request of a husband. And Ann asks you that you address these issues right now. Do you agree to wash the windows inside and out?


Ann, John asks if you will agree to let him do that thing you once told him you would let him do on his 40th birthday but still not have yet done.


So, Ann, in anticipation of your previous answer, John says, “I suppose an occasional blow job is…”


Finally, in spite of men obviously being from Mars and women from Venus, do you both promise to love and treasure each other and enjoy your lovely family together here at Appletree Cottage for as long as you both shall live?


Because my husband is a half a world away, going to work, fighting for us.


So this is a street that’s normally selling birds like this. They call them lovebirds, because they are always kissing each other.


I’m afraid of homosexuality. Homosexuality is like disease, and I’m afraid of disease.


I stay in my room, and all I can think about is whether in a couple of years someone else is gonna live here, someone who is not Israeli, maybe someone Palestinian.


I guess politics scares me more than anything. I wonder if we’re gonna get in another war.


When I live home in the morning, I’m not sure if I’ll return home safely. No Afghans expect to return home safely.


One of the things I fear more than anything right now is that my hair is starting to fall out.


That my husband will leave me for another wife because a lack of you know what.


Not waking up one morning…and nobody finding you for a week. That’d be interesting.


Losing someone you love. That’s why I find it very hard to really, really connect with someone. Because, what do you do when they’re gone?


Because what if God isn’t real? I believe in Him, but what if God isn’t real? And we’re just going to lie in the ground, dead forever?


What do you fear? -Well, I guess…I’m fearless now. I guess my fear was that you’d get cancer, and you did. That you’d get it again, I mean. And you did. But it’s over with. So I’m fearless.


I spend all day along hoping for something amazing to happen, something great, something to appreciate this day and to be a part of it and to show the world that there’s something great that can happen every day of your life, in everyone’s life. But the truth is, it doesn’t always happen. And for me, today, all day along, nothing really happened. I want people to know that I’m here. I don’t want to cease to exist. I’m not gonna sit here and tell you that I’m this great person, because I don’t think I am…at all. I think I’am a normal girl, normal life. No interesting enough to know anything about. And I want to be. And today, even though nothing great really happened tonight I feel as if something great happened.









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