the story of growing up

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The most important thing here still is frien-dship,the hero is so affectionate even to his competitors. Our heroine is so beautifuland the story of growing up is always so to-uching and charming. At least,they own what they should have at their best time,l-eaving no regret. Friendship、love 、cou-rage and striving for dreams are the taste of growth!And everyone should treasure t-heir precious youth!

Aha,maybe i don't see anything else fro-m this Harry potter series,and i haven't w-atched the movies before. And after quite so long from its popular time,i pick it up t-o make up for something i have missed,which is just like my ignored youth time i h-ave not attach much importance to,thus cherishing my youth a lot and being a little b-it sentimental.

If only time went back and i hope i could make better use of my young time and do some meaningful things other than studyin-g,studying and studying!

Last but not least,how handsome and comely you are in your Christmas ball suit!You just look like the hero Mr Pei starring in themost famous Korean TV series the romance in the winter!And Mr Pei is the dreamlover of many girls including me!Thinking of your great courage and splendid wisdom and deep friendship,I find you are extraordinary charming in your decent suit!

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