I am too involved now

2018-04-05 看过

It was a fair day

It was

I was appreciating Claude Monet

In my cozy room

Then you knocked my door

You came in

Oh, dear, my millionaire ,my fiancé

No,sorry ,I was wrong

You were just a poor guy

You said

But you were my beloved

We accidentally went into each other's life

Thank god for that destiny ticket

Even though it took your life

You said you would do it again

I would,I give you my promise

Oh ,dear

Remembered you taught me to split like you do

Remembered your spectacular drawing

Oh ,you shall never forget my body shape

Otherwise ,I would be mad at you

You knew I was not that graceful lady any more

I even hit a man with my fist

Ouch !!!

Simple because of you

You just opened a door for me

To a new world

Where I knew I can truly own

Love to love

You knew that you had changed my life definitely and unconsciously

Well ,I was still astounding,amazing and also spoiled

I never let my promise go

I led a life without you

Diamonds were precious

However, compared with you

They were not shining anymore

You knew your eyes were the most exceptional diamonds

Jack you knew that you jump ,I jump

You were standing by my side forever

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