What kind of "feminist" show is this?

2018-03-10 看过
What kind of "feminist" show is this? It really pisses me off. I couldn't bear watching Susan being such a chicken all this time! And Lucy, the beautiful, young genius with the photographic memory, just obeys to her abusive husband??

Every single time, when Suan has the chance to confront those men and kick their asses, including the police officer and the criminal, she gives in, putting on a fake smile, holding back everything she should spit out, and apologizing?! (Her husband is comparatively less condescending, so I give him a pass for now.) In the end, she even gives up her autonomy and lets herself to be manipulated and controlled?!
What is the "purpose" of this show? I only see a show in which women are designed to be extra-ordinary but have no question to be submissive to men! When Sherlock solves a case, he becomes a superstar. When those four women eventually captured the killer without any outside support, after even putting their lives in danger, guess what, they got an apology! When everything goes back to normal, the woman detective returns back to her family. What a happy ending it is!
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