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Today, Saturday, is the first day after the Lantern Festiva
Today, Saturday, is the first day after the Lantern Festival. Originally, I wanted to watch the movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan in the Lantern Festival, but my roommates said that they wanted to watch Peter Rabbit, so I had to go with them. But I am not an easy man to give up. So, I went to the theater alone to watch the movie Bajrangi Bhaijaan, and it was definitely worthy of money on the ticket and the time I spent.

It’s an Indian movie which was on in 2015. It has not been brought in until today. The 140 minutes (China version) in the movie is rich and interesting. In the movie a 6 years old little Pakistan dumb girl was separated from her mother in India, Delhi. Fortunately, she met a kind, warm-heart and honest man named Pawan. After realizing she lost her parents, he then brought her to his house, and made a swear that he would help her find her home and mother. At first, he had no clues at all. He originally thought that the girl is an Indian and she believed in Hinduism. But after he was shocked that the girl likes eating chicken and could pray as a Muslim, he realized she was actually a Muslim. While he was struggling that his uncle might drive her out of the door because of her faith, a weirder thing happened. At the time when Pakistan beat India in a cricket game, she stood up and applauded happily to everyone’s surprised. The man finally understood that she was a Pakistani. He had to send her to her Pakistani home, but he was India Hinduism, while Pakistanis believe in Islam, not to mention the bad relationship between Indians and Pakistanis. At first, he requested a travel agent to send the girl to Pakistan. But he found that the agent actually wanted to sell the girl as a prostitute. So furious was him that he gave everyone in the hotel a lesson full of blood. Realized that the girl can’t be back home without him. He decided to send her home by himself. It’s not an easy thing. Although Pawan and the girl got through the border between India and Pakistan with the help of an Indian local, Pawan’s honesty as a Hinduism still brought him a lot of troubles. Luckily, he affected a Pakistani news reporter who originally wanted to tail him after he escaped from the police station, where the police regard him as an Indian spy, with the girl. The kind reporter decided to be with the man and the girl until they found out the girl’s home. On the seeking travel, with the help of the reporter, the group overcame all the difficulties in the way, and finally found the girl’s hometown. However, as they were in the bus to the girl’s village, the police came. In such an emergent situation, Pawan came up with an idea—the reporter took the girl to the village, and Pawan was to lead the police away. Finally, the girl was back her home, but Pawan was shot and then prisoned. In order to save him out the reporter upload the video he had recorded in the way and appealed people in both country to help Pawan. They gathered to the border and broke locked gate to India, Pawan was finally able to return home. As Pawan almost got in the India, the girl, Shahida, rushed out of the crowd, with a strong desire, amazingly she broke out her first word----Bajrangi Bhaijaan. The surprised Pawan returned immediately and held up the girl to the sky. This is the end of the whole movie.

The varieties of scenarios made me fix my eyes on the screen during the entire movie time. Sometimes moved, sometimes laugh, sometimes happy, sometimes sad. I think the most shining actor is the girl. (The chief actor Salman Khan is also good.) Though she didn’t say a single word during the movie except the end, her acting skills were really wonderful. Her facial expression was so vivid that especially when she raised her hand to express ”yes!”, it seemed that my world become brighter! The singing and dancing parts are always a shining feature in Indian movies and in this movie, I like them very much. They showed us the fascinating exotic customs and brought us joys.

Love is beyond borders, races, faiths, and nationalities. This is what the movie wanted to tell us. Obviously, the ending of the movie is easy to be guessed. But it didn’t prevent me from wetting my orbit. In fact, a girl behind me even sobbed aloud in the theater at the end. It was the pure and great love between them which moved me. I have to say that if a movie can affect you despite the fact that you know what the movie will do, it must be a marvelous movie.

I sincerely appreciate it that the mainland can bring in Bajrangi Bhaijaan 3 years after the movie was firstly released in India, or I would not meet such an excellent movie.
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