No matter if it is a video

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片尾曲久久的回荡在脑海...Is it a video? Is it a video?...


You were both lucky to have found each other.

When you least expect it, nature has cunning ways of finding our weakest spot. Just remember, I’m here.

But now, you may not want to feel anything. Maybe you never wanted to feel anything. But feel something you obviously did.

You had a beautiful friendship, maybe more than a friendship. And I envy you.

In my place, most parents would hope the whole thing goes away. And pray their sons land on their feet. But I am not such a parent.

We rip out so much of ourselves to be cured of things faster that we go bankrupt by the age of thirty. And less to offer each time we start with someone new. But to make yourself feel nothing so as not to feel anything, what a waste!

I may have come close, but I never had what you two have. Something always held me back or stood in the way.

How you live your life is your business. Just remember: our hearts and our bodies are given to us only ones. Before you know it, your heart’s worn out; as your body there comes a point when no one looks at it, much less wants to come near it.

Right now, there’s sorrow, pain, don’t kill it. And with it, the joy you felt.

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