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2018-02-25 看过

this movie keeps my thinking about love, homosexual love, heterosexual love and what true love actually is? if the leads are not that facially attractive, if the location is somewhere else but not someplace in Italy, and if it's not in shimmering summer, will that affair ever be put up in such a high place now? i have many doubts. and ordinary people, which means the majority of human beings admire classical things, like books, piano, philosophy, music and all those wise things which can coolly adds to one's elegance. so maybe it is just the things don't really matter to love make love look pretty beautiful and unaccessible.

well, though Oliver is just so-so for love's sake, but what Elio tried to express, the kind of agony of waiting to be loved, the typical scare of losing it, the exact desire of occupying and the silent sorrow of knowing that he loved and was loved. i can tell, these are the essence of true love, so others can only make it better but never gonna replace. if trys, fails.

Italy is everywhere and it's my favourite.

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