Il tassinaro Il tassinaro 8.8分

Taxi Driver

2018-02-07 10:15:04

Cab drivers in certain parts of the world are 'walking encyclopedias'. These individuals know just about everything and can discuss whatever issue with their passengers. Such man is Pietro, or Pie, as he is fondly addressed by his family. Pie, has a heart of gold. When we first meet him he is driving a person and talking about his fortune of having a wonderful family with whom he is going to celebrate Christmas eve. His passenger has another thing in mind, he is about to rob him! We follow Pie as he goes through his city. There is a hilarious encounter with a Texan couple that feel insulted when Pie thinks they are American stereotypes because the tourist misunderstands what he is trying to tell them. There is a meeting with a would be suicide that asks to be taken to the nearest place to the Tiber, and his attempt at saving her life. As it happens, famous people also take taxis, as it is the case when Pie picks up Giulio Andreotti, Italy's Prime Minister, with whom he has a meaningful conversation. Pie commits the ultimate sin when he is asked to take one of Italy's famous stars to the French embassy. As he only sees her from his mirror, he thinks he is talking to Sylvia Koscina, when in reality she is none other than Silvana Pampanini! His last claim to fame comes when he is asked to drive the great Federico Fellini to Cinecitta. Insisting in sitting up front, Fellini has to endure Pie's admiration. Unknown to the driver, Fellini is going to appear in a film directed by none other than Alberto Sordi, one of the best actors of his generation. Directed by Alberto Sordi, the film is a love statement to Rome. We are taken all over the city taking its most notable sites as Pie drives his clients. The film was probably an excuse for Mr. Sordi to show his friends and his connection to a place that was dear to him. The film is mildly funny, an excuse to spend some time with some familiar faces and Mr. Sordi, the man that gave so much joy to so many. Bravo Alberto!





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