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Sarah Polley: At the end, when she is choreographing around stuff and has decided to take the office job, and she's is much more pulled together. I feel like intuitively as an audience member it makes sense you feel that progression, but I feel like it's like kind of a nice opportunity get to ask an actor what are the nuts and bolts of that, how did she pull herself together and why.

Greta Gerwig: what I think we were trying to do with the ending was when people like oh the ending is so happy, but you know everything that she has at the end was actually available to her before. She just wasn't able to accept any of it. She had access to this more grownup version of her friendship with Sophie. She had the ability to make her own work. She had the ability to take the office job. She had all these things in her power just couldn't figure out how to do it.

Sarah Polley and Greta Gerwig on "Frances Ha" - Conversations Inside The Criterion Collection

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