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I felt angry. Why? Because you get lied? No, because they are too stupid to get cut.

What, I get to be a criminal if I get to be a stupid? 500 students as smart as you with your background walk through my doors. None of them smashed my car. None of them fucked their professors. You want to destroy shit. And you want to be rewarded for it. So answer this, is it a crime to rip people off. Who are ripping off other people. What if I don't want to spend a lifetime running. Who ran when the Feds showed up today? Me. Who else? Don't run. Be the only who has nothing to run from. The system will be rigged in your favor. Lip. Because you will be the one rigging it.

Fiona and lip太了解他们的处境会发生什么了。有时候他们投入的就是这么一点。让他们失败的也是这么一点。它是局限也是无限。



坐视不管是不会有什么好结果的。see and then do nothing …

Usually there's cheap bear and fists involved 拳打脚踢




Gallagher are a lot of things. But no one says we back down from a challenge.

I'm top. I'm too. I'm not getting fucked in the ass. I'm not either.

Definitely don't want to be back on the corner. One thing I do know I can take a punch and hit harder back.



I don't blame anybody what I did. And I do regret it.

如果lip能够重回大学,那么教授,ivan、lip自己,这场真心实意的座谈会是真正的入场券。我被lip的独白感动哭了。33mins。我不羡慕那些出身名门,却不知道自己想要什么的人。我今天早上在餐厅洗盘子的时候收到了教授的来电,我才发现我是多么怀念,和教授这样的人呆在一块。聪明的头脑,没有被荒废的时间。我的父亲很聪明,他本来可以学习到大学毕业,但是他酗酒,吸毒,他是个混蛋,这是事实…如果有机会让我重回大学,我一定会do better。


I'm supposed to pick up Liam from school today. New school won't let Liam leave without a grown-up. But I can go late. No. we gotta be better than Monica and Frank.

38min Ivan shouted to Frank. I thought it's funny.

It's the first time people hit Frank instead of frank's house.

I thought the Debs was beautiful than before.

What would you like me to tell them that you are doing here, huh? Fiona finally was yelling at Debs. Are you really laughing at me? I think she's tired.

I can't tell if you're laughing it crying. I don't know what we're laughing about.

I felt like V like her more than like me. It's hard to know what to say. They makes me like asshole, forever. I never trust Svetlana, not for a single minute. Not since the day that I met her. Because I was raised by a con artist. 行骗高手。So I know one when I see one. And when V married her to keep her in country, I understood because she was providing childcare and help with the bar. and I thought maybe it's about convenience. But then it got really weird. And then the next thing I know, my best friend is married to and in love with a Russian hand whore con artist who's turned her against me. So it's too late to say anything about it which is maybe the biggest mistake of my life. Because I miss her every fucking day.

I'm helping Fiona. But you gotta come with me right now.

We have carefully weighed your testimony and the testimony 仔细权衡 of the witness that you brought. We admire the efforts that you have made to get your drink under control. And we agree with Professor Youens that you have a bright future if you set your mind to it. But under section we stand by your expulsion and we will not expunge the incident from your official transcript. A lot of students drink, may even to excess. But you can't attack people or property or interfere with the educational environment of you fellow students, all of which you did.

Sorry, Lip. It's time for you to take responsibility for what you done. Reality is not like a romantic dream.

Thought I scared you off. Listen up, I need three guys on the ceiling, three people on the floor. Everybody else is clean-up. I got tools in my truck, it's parked around the corner.

Did you really buy this place. Smart. Good investment. I can't image frank it's the only encourage Fiona. And the bar people is the only one come to help. I have to say this bar boss really become a man once.

Why didn't you say you get trouble. So proud of all your guys come to help Fiona. I understood the helpless feeling. We think it's pretty badass you actually bought this place. They don't take you back, you don't even fucking need them.

Now why everyone learn how to use the iPhone to hurt others.





Lip醉酒之后回到了女教授海琳的房子。他如同小鹿一般痴痴地看着她,而她只是请求,you can't stay here. Please get some help. You have to move on. 唉。Lip出来以后哭了。看来有些人爱上了真的会让人心碎的。其实Lip和frank很像,都爱上了坏女孩。

mickey出狱后,以非常强势的方式和Ivan见面了。可再强势的人回归到心尖上的人身边,也不过化为灰烬。what can I do ?这句话mickey说了两遍。这时候我才发现mickey和ivan是以细节取胜的。在码头见面的那一晚也是耐人寻味。ivan本是过去和mickey道别的,而最后就火热而缠绵地搞上了。就算是冰冷的分手炮也希望爱的缠绵悱恻。


V and Fiona go back to each other. It's not because the feeling. It's about the time.



You bought a car?

Thanks. But no bye.

It's a modern world now. Having iPhone, having internet.

That's a reason why people drink. Feels good. Feels good when you wake up in the hospital. I can't never imagine Lip have to let some more shitty man to help him out of alcohol, but who can't say I didn't do the same thing.

Look,drink or not drink. It's not my problem. I'm not your baby sister. At that time, I realize Lip just need some attitude like don't give a shit to his life. I can't believe that now I can understand what gallgher feel. It's so reality.




原来这些little guys 就喜欢真男人。哈哈哈哈。简直笑cry。 还给他竞价了。简直瞎搞。你刚才说多少钱来着。

even get high 都要以嗑药的理由 到底哪个才是自己


55mins I don't know this time、 mickey的镜头, monica的镜头,fiona的镜头,就这么剪辑在一起。到底shameless怎么做到这么真实的。


Baby's cold outside…

Frank was a very complicated character. It was hard to make it real and natural and true.

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