Manchester by the sea

2018-01-05 看过

Not all the painness will be passed, a big fire burned everything into ground. Life seems not give you other option. Though Lee wants to get out of the past, it seems impossible to face with the lost children and divorced wife. Manchester is a sad place for him——he just can't live in there, he'd rather be a handyman than stay in Manchester. That is life, though time could possibly comfort the painness, but a broken heart is broken, you can't just stitch it easily as stitch clotheses.

So Lee still will come back to Boston, live a normal life, do the things that he should do, take a drink after working, hit sb if he feels bad. Nothing is different. No one could possibly save him only if he wants to be saved.

Maybe it is nice. Because that is the truth of life.

If we can't go ahead, we still will live a life.

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