Swiss army man

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谈个恋爱都那么浪漫。just you and me。 也许我们都是一团浆糊,但有些人不在乎,所以我们可以在一起唱歌,跳舞,放屁。英国的shameless是内在的,是含蓄的。美国是沉迷于肉欲的。而英国的更多的在于我们经历了什么。这部剧让我想起了美版的《shameless》和英国的《the end of the fucking world》。we help each our to control our feeling. When we come to the reality, everything is no true now. The end of the comic really made me sad. But when they come to the jungle, I hope everything can return to before. Or everything is my own dream.

I don't know what the fuck. I don't know why they don't get into each other too. I don't know why they do that? But the only feel in my heart is warmth. The music is good. The everything we through is so creative made me hard to forget. Maybe is the best end. We all met other guys in somewhere. But no one like you anymore. We may met each other in other time, then we will be together again. I like the England style now. All the end just like some many possible and the music is so good. The first time I click this movie just because I want to have fun but now I think I just made me feel warmth now. It give me more than I expected. So just thank you .

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