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【Season 3 Episode 1】
「Oh, shit, I forgot my phone. Munchkin, can you get it for me? It's by the bed.

I'm 15 now, Mum. Why do I still have to ger your things?

When you were born, there wasn't time for an epidural, so you owe me forever.」

「Any cool quotes? → Life is the mouth of death's anus.」

「Boys can wear pink. Girls can wear blue. We'll only be free once we finally defeat the hegemonic patriarchy of enforced masculinity.」

【Season 3 Episode 2】
「I hate hormones. When does it end? The sneaking around is the worst. It's like I'm cheating on myself... with myself. I was hoping I was going to fall somewhere on the asexual spectrum but I don't think that going to pan out.」

「You can clearly riff. Now all you have to do is find your inner teen girl.

Oh, yeah. Sure, she's just screaming to get out.
Help, I haven't got an inner teen girl!

Yes, you do. We all have an inner teen girl.」

「You don't find Errol attractive, do you? I mean he looks a cross between a stick insect and that Scream painting.」

「You think it's beneath you. And you're trying to writhe a bad song because you think that's what the audience deserves. The Beatles were a boyband. The Pistols were a manufactured pop group. Once you strip it back, all you're left with are chords and lyrics. A song is a song. And all audiences deserve your best effort.」

「I said the song had no sex appeal, not you, you numpty. I think you're sexy as fuck.

Really? You're not just blowing smoke?

I would like to blow something.」

【Season 3 Episode 3】
「It's obvious. You were much too interested in Justin Timberlake as a boy.」

【Season 3 Episode 4】
「The surgeon has five procedures today and you are second on the list, so you shouldn't have too long to wait. Do you have any questions? → What is the Wi-Fi password?」

「You know what your mum said to me just before she went into surgery? She said. "If anything happens... Tell Roly... I know."」

【Season 3 Episode 5】
「I love you, Jake(Gyllenhaal). → Right back at you, Maggie(Gyllenhaal).」

【Season 3 Episode 6】
「You know when you want to pick something up where you've left off, but you've waited so long that you don't know how to begin again?」

「Life isn't very sympathetic.」

「A story doesn't just have to have one happy ending.」

【Season 3 Episode 7】
「The family you choose mean more than the family you're born with.」

「I refuse to change who I am. And I just don't want to scare them off before they got to know me.

Oh, my God! You are so insecure.

Andy, don't make me kill you just when things were looking up.

Listen, Val... you are one of the coolest, most genuine, beautiful human beings I have ever met. You stick up for your friends and your family. And if you're special to this guy, then his family should know about it. And if they can't see it, and he won't show them, then he doesn't deserve you. If he doesn't want what you're cooking, then I'll come over for dinner.

Are you hitting on me?

Accidentally, maybe.」

「You'll always be my number one.

Yeah. Well, you'll always be my number two. And you're my best friend. I love you, Errol Andrew Meyer.

I love you, too... Andrew... An-Andrew, er...

Oh, my God! You don't know my middle name!」

「You mean... I'm going to be an uncle?」
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