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听到大幕拉开前长笛演奏的熟悉的卡门序曲的时候 鸡皮疙瘩就起来了 内心太激动了

一直到听到哈巴涅拉 笑的合不拢嘴 瞬间想站起来手舞足蹈 Rinat Shaham 诠释的卡门性感 骄傲 放荡不羁 她爱的不是男人 她爱的是她自己 爱的是所谓爱情给她行的方便 爱的是可以随意玩弄男人感情和左右他人命运的优越感 但这样的卡门才迷人 才值得所有人为她神魂颠倒

她口口声声所追求的自由最终却被她自己抽中的牌预示的死亡给束缚了 她最终不愿屈服于Jose 可以理解为她为爱情和自由而牺牲 但她深知命运无法改变 爱情可能只是一个借口

最终以一个悲剧的结尾仓促收场 Jose杀了Carmen 内心承受巨大的痛苦 但我觉得这也是最好的结尾 卡门的死是完美的 在为爱牺牲的自欺欺人中骄傲地死 应该是她最满意的方式

It always takes long to digest a grand performance. Carmen is definitely one of those that is worth of thinking back over and over again. Every movement that looks casual, the variety of colors worn by performers that should have looked messy

and the overlap of all the voices are arranged in a perfect way that reach the greatest harmony. The character of Carmen interpreted by is full and lively. Carmen was wild, sultry and arrogant in a morally negative way but that was exactly what made her extremely more alluring. What she actually loved was probably not men changing from time to time, but herself with the self-esteem strengthened by those messy relationships and the ability to control others' emotions and lives.

She always wanted to seek the way of freedom but still finally could not escape from her own destiny determined by a few shuffles, which was ironic. She claimed her sacrifice for love and freedom but it was probably another silly excuse for her own fear of the fate already destined. The

Opera was ended in tragedy. I hate tragedy but I could not think of a better one more perfect than this. Carmen died willingly in the name of love with pride and she must be very satisfied with this way.

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