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【Season 1 Episode 2】
「Every happy couple has a secret. They try to ignore it, they turn a blind eye, but every happy couple is in danger, because every happy couple has a mobile phone.」

【Season 1 Episode 4】
「Everyone thinks gay men just fuck, fuck, fuck! I actually think it's a form of prejudice. That we must fuck, and be seen to fuck, or we're not gay enough. Sometimes I just want to have fun. I just want to be with someone and do ordinary things, not bloody athletics. I just want to be happy.」

【Season 1 Episode 5】
「First we had nothing. Then we made a path. Then we made the path bigger. Then we made roads. Then we made the roads enormous. Then we made more. Then we kept making more. We built lines across the world, and we lived along the lines. We made grids, we made mazes, we made circuits, we made traps. That's where we live. Contained inside the lines. Men did this. We built cages to keep ourselves civilised. But sometimes, we take a wrong turn. Sometimes we get lost.」

【Season 1 Episode 8】
「I liked him. I really did. You don't have to fancy someone to like them.」
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