It is not a documentary.

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when you are locked up and can't speak for yourself, how about your enemy taking the chance to make a documentary about you to the world. use We in the title while the founder himself never get a chance to speak for himself directly to the camera of the documentary. what a convenient sex offense charge right after the biggest disclosure and vivid way to depict a deranged, transexual, emotionally unstable whiserblower and dehumanilised, neurotic, condem﹣poking white hair Aussie. indeed all publicity is good publicity, America is the master of public relation.

The reason for me to believe it is not a documentary is that, though Julian is listed as the ACTOR, this movie is never about him. the whole point the doc trying to make is that how wikileak went down and how insane and risky to be a whiserblower again.

All interviewees coming from Julian's side are all former employees of wikileaks, not currently spokesmen who can say anything in defense of wikileaks. therefore despite what's really going on with wikileak, the documentary can just arbitrarily announce the death of wikileak.

I am in no interest of propaganda, wikileaks or Julian himself. But I do believe a good doc should be objective, which in this case, is in no way to guarantee. THis 2-hour doc is at its best, the one-sided hollywood-style narration. this is not the deal, case is not closed.
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