Hands up, and touch the sky

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1. Caroline (playing shag, marry, dump; to Max):"sleep with Earl and marry you!" 2. Max:"Calm down! If we go to jail, I'll be your girlfriend!" 3. Caroline:" I'm too tired to pull out my bed. I'm sleeping with you." 4. ALL the moments when people thought they were a couple. -"Are you guys gay bears?" -"Are you guys lipstick lesbians?" -"Max, hold my hand!" -"You know I don't hold hands!" -"You lesbians are so high-maintenance." 5. MY PERSONAL FAVORITE: Caroline (speaking of the channel necklace that always brings her good luck):" I was wearing it the day I met you." So cute I'm gonna cry." 6. "Life isn't like a movie. Sometimes, you are not a success right away. Sometimes, you have to just eat it and be a cupcake; and sometimes, you have to take your 'I love you' whichever way it comes." 7.Caroline: "I'm mortified to ask, but did you and I have phone sex?" Max:"That was you and me."

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破产姐妹 第二季



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