《I vow to thee, my country (我宣誓向祖国效忠)》歌词【双语对照】

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土豆版没有英字,听了几遍才把another country听出来~
Another Country是梦想,是我们靠不近的远方~
他们是否对Another Country矢志不渝~

《I vow to thee, my country (我宣誓向祖国效忠)》
I vow to thee, my country我向您起誓,亲爱的祖国,
all earthly things above我愿在您面前献上世间的一切,
Entire and whole and perfect那是全然完美无缺,
the service of my love就是我对您奉献的爱:
The love that asks no question那份爱毋庸置疑,
the love that stands the test那份爱历经挑战,
That lays upon the altar the dearest and the best那是献于祭坛上最诚挚最美好的爱;
The love that never falters那份爱永不凋零,
the love that pays the price是诚愿献出一切的爱,
The love that makes undaunted the final sacrifice更是毫无畏惧献出生命的爱.

And there's another country话说那遥远的异国,
I''ve heard of long ago我早有耳闻,
Most dear to them that love her对爱其者是最亲爱的故土,
most great to them that know对知其者是最伟大的国家;
We may not count her armies精兵强将难以悉数,
we may not see her King却不见她的国王;
Her fortress is a faithful heart她的堡垒是忠诚之心,
her pride is suffering为她受苦是至高的荣耀;
And soul by soul and silently her shining bounds increase宁静中无数的忠魂构筑它的稳固,
And her ways are ways of gentleness and all her paths are peace谦和如她指引我们通往和平的彼岸.

另,Rupert Everett的出身轶事~摘自wiki~
Everett was born in Norfolk, England to Major Anthony Michael Everett (1921–2009), who worked in business and served in the British Army, and wife (m. 7 May 1955) Sara (née Maclean, b. 19 September 1934).[1] He was raised Roman Catholic.[2] Through his maternal grandparents, Vice Admiral Sir Hector Charles Donald Maclean and Opre Vyvyan, he is a descendant of the baronets Vyvyan of Trelowarren and the German Freiherren (Barons) von Schmiedern, as well as a great-nephew of Donald Duart Maclean, the Soviet double agent, and a great-grandson of the Liberal politician Sir Donald Maclean, who was leader of the parliamentary opposition in the years following the First World War.[3] He has a brother, Simon Anthony Cunningham Everett (born 1956).

现实生活中剑桥五杰中的Donald Maclean是他maternal grandparents,自己是个gay,出身男爵家庭,特权阶级,叛逆自我横行于世~
荧幕上他扮演了原型为剑桥五杰中的Guy Burgess(《Another Country》),和Kim Philby(《A Different Loyalty》)~
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