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He knows he has been taking advantages of her feelings. And he is sure that this is not her first time because, neither of his. People would keep doing whatever was on their record, cause that's easy.
Yes, we choose the easier way, the way we've been known for our past, even it's a deadend, even it hurts. We get used to pleasure, we get used to pain, whichever works for our habit.
She is not being herself, because she couldn't afford him being any more indifferent. He knows what is the best or worst she can do, he knows where the line is, men know that. We don't mean disrespect, but we do take advantages, and get used to it.
The truth is, I don't remember much. Even for those I do remember, I feel like it's someone else's life experience. I'd rather watching how the other's living their lives so that I don't have to live mine.
I could't care less, no matter it's about my feelings or someone else's. Maybe it's self-protect, shut down my emotions for things would have a certain way to end, which is, basicly everything. But meanwhile, I keep walking on the old track, to live. Knowing doesn't help, it only made the road longer. I am helpless, just like the way I see everybody else.
The part that used to complete you disappeared. You can't tell whether it's been hidden, or it's just gone. Either way it's not there any more. I guess when life comes to end, when I ask myself what happened in life, the answer would be, nothing happened. And like it or not, the answer is universal, it works for everyone.
How was life? Nothing happened. What's the point? You don't ask, that's the point.
Threshold is a big lie, so is love. We are who we are, and we are doomed to be alone in every possible way, for always.
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