Who doesn't wanna get fucked by Ashton...

J- 大叔
2009-10-10 看过
Ashton, you must have had a lot of fun making this film. Who won't get envious of you. I mean it's not just all the beautiful women you can fuck, but also those fancy dresses. I felt like I was watching a fashion show first, can someone please get some of those for me, I'd love to put them on and go out to find some woman to fuck....
To those women:
Anne Heche, you are over 40, and the body looks still so stunning great, it that because you are lesbian? god bless you!
Rachel Blanchard, just keep shave it, I love to see that coming as long as you do not do it yourself.
To the rest of the sexy girl who "slept" with Ashton, Demi Moore is watching everyone of you, haha.

Ashton, you lucky son of bitch, keep on spreading the charm, making them happy!
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