the ultimate care for movie

2009-10-05 看过
A good movie should bare the basic charactor that it conveys a motif penetrating enough. And a penetrating motif should consist some sort of multiple and diversed value, for instances, humanity and destiny. I think this kind of motif should be defined as the ultimate care for movie, since the movie stretches not the conclusive results but a open-end calling for thoughts and judgement. A movie which concerns only romance, friendship or the justice beating the evil is far from fulfilling its liability, because all these kinds of motives are either unitary or binary and it is not suspensive enough for us to let out our thoughts and confusions. It is the pluralism and only the pluralism that could free our minds and broaden our kens of the world.
In a word, diversity is the ultimate care for movie and our human being.
Then it is time for the movie<district nine>, the director try to represent the whole society in a limited and closed space called the district nine, and carefully set the realistic scenes to reveal the original sin of the human. The director want us to introspect and he sets quite a sad ending. Basicly I like the style.
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