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That story ... wait, let’s call it lack of story, is where the film’s numerous problems begin. Oh, the party scenes are authentic enough, but those are just background drops for what should have been something about opposites attracting. Instead, we get a fitfully unfunny script and a series of nonlinear sketches that forget to include any character development.

With the exception of a funny and inventive towel-snapping sequence, most of the humor in the film is too violent or too cruel. A scene featuring Beth’s regular boyfriend, Kevin, beating up Denis, isn’t funny in the least, and it runs on and on. (On the plus side, Shawn Roberts, who plays Kevin, makes for a formidable screen presence.) Rarely has a major studio film felt this slapped together, without any regard for cohesive storytelling. With its inclusion of an uncalled-for raccoon joke, you have to wonder if the root of the problem is that the filmmakers saw “Caddyshack” too many times.
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