Like Watching My Own Story

2009-09-13 看过
Recommended by a friend of mine to watch this movie.Initially, didn't really vauel it; therefore, I watched after approximately three months after my friend's telling me.

However, I was so deeply into this story after the first time. The scene, the guy standing in the golden field, keeps flashing in my mind. Afterwards, I watched it a few more times. Indeed, I'm so deep in love with this movie. Perhaps, I can find the reflection of my little self, the boy who I used to be. I think it's the same to everyone else. When you're falling in love for the first time, you always imagine that love is perfect, marvelous and timeless. And you believe in every word your beloved says. Always anticipating that there is a wonderful future in front of you. Nevertheless, everything has an end. It's just the same old story repeating. You'll be kicked out when he's tired of you. Then, it comes to the part that you are upset, lost and regreting. And gradually, getting to know more about love each time. Love is mutual but not demanding to have what you give back. Love is undefined-no one can exactly tell what love actually is. Now, after being through all these, I don't easily believe anyone anymore. Accordingly, the guy in Innocent would be the same to love. Everytime I watch this movie, it's like watching my own past story. That's why I'm so in love with it.

On the whole, this movie itself is terrific and recommendable!
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