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(Rowena Cortes小妹妹和乔宏大叔,一位15岁,另一位50岁,两个都鬼鬼的,那么可爱。看似滑稽的剧情,却共同演绎了让我笑着却想流泪的患难之情)


人生 难明真与伪
爱 在心底
爱 在心底
能令到大家有维系 ”

(1978年吴宇森电影《大煞星与小妹头》中的插曲“谁能预计”,露云娜Rowena Cortes演唱,一首让人感动和点亮心灵的歌)

《FOLLOW THE STAR 》was a top-10 box office hit in 1978, ahead of 36 CHAMBERS OF SHAOLIN and STAR WARS, and just behind CLOSE ENCOUNTER OF THE THIRD KIND and GREASE. But this John Woo comedy simply isn't in that league of great films. It begins with a nice musical number of Rowana Cortes dancing through the theme song, but the fun ends there. The lame plot involves a group of thugs trying to steal the girl's dead father's hidden money. Lucky for her, the bad guys are a bunch of ninnies and she gets help from tough car mechanic Roy Chiao. Unlucky for us, we sit through many scenes of cartoony slapstick that ultimately get tiresome. With Rowana's musical talent, why not make a musical film? Cortes was a veteran pop singer, but this was her debut film. She would only make two more films, co-starring with Leslie Cheung in TEENAGE LOVERS and ENERGETIC 21, both in 1982. This VCD from Deltamac was released in 2002, and thankfully it's letterboxed in 2.35:1. Its running time is only 86 minutes. I've read it should be close to 96 minutes. So maybe scenes were cut. Anyone can confirm?
I am so happy to watch this movie again because she Rowena Cortes is so special to me. Many unhappy things happened in my life but she inspires me so much, especially in my younger days. I always remember what she say in her interviews and this is one sentence forever stay in my heart - she says - "What you are is God's gift to you, but what you make of yourself is your gift to God." Do any fans remember this beautiful thing she said? She is special not only because of her talent and beauty but also because she has very nice heart and that's why I will always love and support her FOREVER. I am a Forever Rowena Fan. I heard when this movie comes out it's Chinese New Year and I saw it 3 times during my school holidays! I was just a teenager and have a very big crush on my dream girl and ofcourse it's her - ROWENA CORTES. And I don't agree with what Justin says about her acting. I think she act fine and this was her first movie. I think she is natural talent for acting and she make a good partner for Chiao Wang (Roy). And she can fight quite well too as I can see that she is doing most of her own stunt fighting! And ofcourse our greatest John Woo is directing them, so it is excellent for those days. And the monkey in the movie is so cute too always drunk like Chiao Wang. Plus, the lovely Rowena is singing one of my favourite song of hers in the middle of the movie. I also like the villain with the big mouth. I think he looks so funny. This is a good movie to watch because ofcourse it's starring Rowena to bring back so many happy and presious memories for me and ofcourse John Woo is directing it. John Woo also have a part in the movie as Rowena's father. Very nice movie to watch really.
This movie was one of John Woo's earlier hit comedies that did very well in Asia. Lots of action and slapstick comedy. It was a starring vehicle for Pop Star, Rowena Cortes and helped launch her career in movies. Also stars Roy Chiao as her drunken guardian. Chiao provides much of the fighting scenes, while Cortes just plays herself as a popular Pop Star being chased by 'baddies' all over the colony. Cortes is no great actress because I think she pouts too much in this one. But one can't help but fall in love with that charm of hers that is so evident, even at that young age. John Woo is so great because he can make just about any scene look good with such flair. Check out the final scene at the Church. Great stunts. Great timing. Great casting. And Cortes and Chiao make a very cute and believable pair. John Woo is so GREAT. Highly entertaining.

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