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It is not the story attracts the swarm, G.I.JOE: the rise of Cobra wins its box office through the spectacular scenes and stunning special effects. Hot on the heels of Transformers, this live-action toy adaptation is sure a crowd-pleaser with starring Dennis Quaid, Marlon Wayans and Sienna Miller as your favorite characters from the classic Hasbro toy line.

Presented by Paramount Pictures, Spyglass Entertainment in association with toymaker Hasbro, the million dollar story begins with the lost of microscopic machines capable of destroying anything delivered by special forces operatives Duke and Ripcord. The good guys then join G.I.Joe, the US government’s top-secret military defense division to fight the warheads back.

Sounds boring? Somehow it looks magnificent. Pick the huge-screen cinema with super stereo system since cinema goers are bond to lose themselves in the impressive visual and audio attractions such as the fall of Eiffel Tower, fighting scenes under the deep sea, in the desert and Arctic Circle during the two hours world trip.

Multi elements contribute to the success of this new blockbuster. Fllowing the geography of action scenes, it is actually a movie allows viewers to see who’s hitting who. Amid all the carnage, flashbacks help to lift the story beyond superficial spectacle, fleshing out the back-stories of characters in assorted subplots of romance, revenge and rivalry. The little American joke making fun of French and the Japanese Ninja fusion act like the icing on the cake to win the film more international viewers.

Main characters are selective to make sure different expectations from film-goers are met: there is everybody-liked Duke (Channing Tatum), gun-toting sexy Ana (Sienna Miller), Ripcord (Marlon Wayans) and his flippant wit as well as heavyweight General Hawk (Dennis Quaid). Besides, personal bonds are built among characters to make it easy for audience to remember: Duke’s past lover Ana belongs to an evil organization led by arms dealer, Storm Shadow and Snake Eyes who appear to be enemies turn out to be sibling rivalries grown up together…. In one word, the movie has every necessity for a winning blockbuster, which grants enough reasons for film-goers to pay the money and relax in the cinema.

Talking about audience, the target definitely does not only limit to adult who play with toys, collect comic books and love watching cartoon series. The fact that its box office of US opening night reached 22.3 million dollars exams the popularity of Paramount’s new darling. Thanks to the easy-going narrative, there is no extra homework to do for those who’re not interested in the comic or cartoon comparing with the difficult stories of Batman series. However, the regular “I’ll be back” end appears to be such advertising for the G.I.JOE sequel.

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