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既然现在没蜜蜂出没 你可以用我的肾上腺素
Since it's not bee season, you can have my epinephrine.

Thailand has had the fork since the latter half of the 19th century.
Interesingly they don't put the fork in their mouth.They use it to put the food on a spoon which then goes into their mouth.

Lois lane is falling,accelerating at an initial rate of 32 feet per second per second.
Superman swoops down to save her by reaching out two arms of steel
Miss lane, who is now traveling at approximately 120 miles an hour
碰到钢筋手臂 立马被劈成三瓣
Hits them and is immediately sliced into three equal pieces.

Unless superman matches her speed and decelerates
(Sheldon)还有时间吗 先生 她离地面两尺高
In what space ,sir? she's two feet above the ground.
如果他真的爱她的话 他应该让她掉在马路上 那还比较仁慈
Frankly,if he really loved her,he'd let her hit the pavement.It'd be a more merciful death.

问一下 跟我解释下托盘餐具放在沙发上 这算哪门子组织系统.
Excuse me.Explain to me an organization system where a tray of flatware on a couch is valid.
I'm just inferring this a couch because the evidence suggests the coffee table is having a tiny garage sale.

(Leonard)你不能在半夜闯进一个女人的公寓 打扫
You can't just break into a woman's apartment in the middle of the night and clean
(Sheldon)我别无选择 我睡不着 想到在我卧室外面是我们的客厅,在我们客厅外面是走廊和走廊这边就是...这个样子.
I had no choice . I couldn't sleeo knowing that just outside my bedroom was our living room, and just outside our living room was that hallway.And immediately adjacent to the hallway was...this.

(Leonard)有些错误 像居里夫人发现了镭后来被证明有很大的科学研究价值 尽管她后来死于漫长而痛苦的放射性危害.
Some mistakes,such as madam curie's discovery of radium,turned out to have great scientific potential,even though she would later die a slow painful death"from radiation poisoning".

Oh boy,i was afraid of this.
These instructions are a pictographic representation of the least imaginative way to assemble these components.This,right here is why sweden has no space program.
(Leonard)这个设计非常不合理 假设她有个平板电视,那就意味着这后面的空间都浪费了
It is an inefficient design,for example,she has a flat screen tv which means all the space behind it is wasted.
We could put her stereo back there.
and control it how?
(Sheldon)装个红外线转接器 光电管装这 接收器装这 小菜一碟
Run an infrared repeater.Photo cell here,emitter here,easy-peasy.
(Howard)想法不错 怎么冷却
Good point How are you gonna cool it?
(Sheldon)用风扇怎么样 这里一个 这里一个
How about fans?here and here.
Also inefficient,and might be loud.
(Howard)液体冷却剂怎么样 在这弄个水泵.装四分之一英寸的聚氯乙烯
How about liquid coolant?maybe a little aquarium pump here,run some quarter-inch pvc...
Guys,this is actually really simple.
Hold on,honey. men at work.
The pvc comes down here.Maybe a little corrugated sheet metal as a radiator here.
Yeah?show me where we put a drip tray,a sluice,and an overflow reservoir.
If water's involved,we're gonna have to ground the crap out of the thing.
It's hot in here, i think i'll just take off all my clothes.
(Leonard)我想出来了.如果我们把嵌板A B F和横木H都换成航空铝.
Oh, i've got it.What about if we replace panels a,b and f and crossbar h with aircraft-grade aluminum?
Right.then the entire thing is one heat sink.
Perfect.You and sheldon go to the junkyard and pick up 6 square meters of scrap aluminum?Raj and i will get the oxyacetylene torch.
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