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It is a movie about neo-conservatism, Christian fundamentalist, and their history. By looking at the past of church, author reveals the dark side of Christianity.

More and more Chinese youth are identifying themselves as Christian. Some may do it because it is cool; some may do it because they believe it. I often wonder how many of them have actually read the bible before they claim themselves as Christian, how much they understand about the history and principals of Christianity, and how they look at the past, present and future as a Christian. In fact, I did challenge a few people who claimed themselves as Christian about some of the basics. The answers are quite frustrating.

I am no difference to any kind of religions. In other words, I am atheist, pagan or infidel if you want to call me. As far as I can read, listen, and think as an educated and reasonable individual, religions are much connected with politics, power, hatred, violence, isolation, ideology, and racism. None of them pleases me, so I am not pleased by any religions. In fact, I am very alert about the way in which religions are presented. It’s like a guy walking into a shopping mall, get nervous about the sale pitch. I think we all should.

Nowadays, religion was wrapped up like some kind of goods or services. They are advertized everywhere and you have to pay for your religious belief so that you don’t get burned in hell forever. It is like high speed internet charges. The only difference is that you don’t know whether you would get the promised eternal life until your mortal body is inevitably condemned to death. Is it ironic?
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