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有谁会哀悼 Who grieves for Lee Harvey Oswald
埋在廉价坟墓中的李.夏维.奥斯华? buried in a cheap grave under the name Oswald?
没有人。 Nobody.
虚假的指控及有关奥斯华的报导散发全球 False statements and press leaks about Oswald circulate the globe.
政府制造了传说, The official legend is created
媒体就马上接手。 and the media takes it from there.
官方华丽的谎言 The glitter of official lies
和为肯尼迪举行的盛大葬礼 and the epic splendor of JFK's funeral...
混淆了视听、误导了的判断。 ...confuse the eye and confound the understanding.
希特勒说过: Hitler said:
谎言越大,就越多人相信。 "The bigger the lie,the more people will believe it."
一个孤独的疯子奥斯华为了引人注意 Lee Harvey Oswald, a crazed,lonely man who wanted attention…
而去杀死总统。 ...and got it by killing a President
他只是众多代罪羔羊之一。 was only the first in a long line of patsies.
随后,罗比肯尼迪、马丁路德金, In later years, Bobby Kennedy,Martin Luther King…
这些立志于改变现状、追求和平、 ...men whose commitment to change and peace…
妨碍了好战分子的人 ...made them dangerous to men committed to war, would follow…
也同样被这种孤独的疯子杀死了。 ...also killed by such lonely, crazed men.
他们把谋杀伪装成孤独者的愚行。 Men who remove all guilt by making
 murder a meaningless act of a loner.
在自己的国度中,我们成了父王被杀的哈姆雷特 We've all become Hamlets in our country,
 children of a slain father-leader...
杀父仇人仍占有着王位。 ...whose killers still possess the throne.
约翰肯尼迪的灵魂使我们 The ghost of John F. Kennedy confronts us
向往美国梦的心灵直面 with the secret murder...
秘密的谋杀。 ...at the heart of the American Dream.
他向我们追问宪法的内涵是什么? He forces on us the appalling questions:
 Of what is our Constitution made?
我们的生命价值又是什么? What are our lives worth?
总统在可疑的情况下遭刺杀 What is the future of a democracy...
 ...where a President can be assassinated
而司法制度却畏缩不前, under suspicious circumstances...
 ...while the machinery of legal action
这种情况下,民主的前途何在? scarcely trembles?
还有多少宗政治谋杀, How many more political murders disguised as heart attacks…
是假借心脏病、自杀、癌症、吸毒为名? ...suicides, cancers, drug overdoses?
还有多少起飞机失事、交通意外 How many plane and car crashes will occur…
掩盖了事实的真相? ...before they are exposed for what they are?
一英国诗人写过叛逆者不会持久。 Treason doth never prosper,wrote an English poet.
为什么? What's the reason?
因为如果可以持久的话,就没人敢说是叛逆。 "For if it prosper,
none dare call it treason."
美国民众还没有看到撒氏拍摄的影片。 The American public has yet to see the Zapruder film.
为什么? Why?
他们还要看真正的X光片和解剖照片 The American public has yet to see
 the real X-rays and autopsy photographs.
为什么? Why?
数以百计的文件可以证明这是一个阴谋。 Hundreds of documents could help prove this conspiracy.
为什么政府会把这些证据扣压甚至销毁? Why are they being withheld or burned by the government?
当我们检察官,当你们,当人民 When my office or you, the people, asked
提出质询,想要查看证据时, those questions, demanded evidence...
政府高层总是回答道:“国家安全。” ...the answer from on high has always been: National security.
国家的领导人也可以被杀, What kind of national security do we have
这是什么“国家安全”? when we're robbed of our leaders?
什么样的“国家安全”容许剥夺… What national security
 permits the removal...
人民的基本权利、 ...of fundamental power from the people...
确立隐形政府的权势? ...and validates the ascendancy
 of an invisible government in the US?
那样的“国家安全”, That kind of national security is...
闻起来、触摸起来、看起来… ...when it smells like it, feels like it,and looks like it…
你们会说它就是—— ...you call it what it is:
法西斯! Fascism!
我来告诉你们, I submit to you that what took place
1963年11月22日发生的事情, on November 22, 1963...
是一场政变。 ...was a "coup d'etat".
它最直接的悲惨结果, Its most direct and tragic result...
就是改变了肯尼迪从越南撤兵的决定。 ...was the reversal of Kennedy's decision to withdraw from Vietnam.
越战是美国最有利可图的生意, The war is the biggest business in America…
每年价值八百亿美元。 ...worth $80 billion a year.
肯尼迪总统是被阴谋杀害… President Kennedy was murdered by a conspiracy…
由政府的最高层策划,并由… ...planned at the highest levels of our government...
国防部及中情局秘密行动机构的 ...carried out by fanatical and disciplined cold warriors…
受严格训练的疯狂士兵执行。 covert-operation apparatus.
其中一位,就是各位面前的克雷萧。 Among them, Clay Shaw, here before you.
这是一次公开处决,但却被 It was a public execution,and it was covered up by…
臭味相投的人,例如达拉斯警方 ...like-minded people in the Dallas Police...
特务工作局,联邦调查局 ...the Secret Service, the FBI,
和白宫 and the White House...
政府高层,包括J埃德加胡佛和兰道詹森所掩饰 ...up to and including J. Edgar Hoover,and Lyndon Johnson…
他们两位是事件背后的同谋。 ...who were accomplices after the fact.
暗杀使总统成为一个过渡性官员。 The assassination reduced the President to a transient official.
他的工作是倡言国家渴望和平 His job is to speak as often as possible
 of the nation's desire for peace...
(而他忘记了他本应该)在国会担当军方和 ...while he acts as a business agent
 in the Congress...
军火商的代理人(所以他被杀害了)。 ...for the military and their contractors.
有人说我是疯了。 Some people say I'm crazy.
一个南方的土包子想混政治资本。 Southern caricature seeking higher office.
然而有个判断我是否为偏执狂的简单方法: There's a simple way to determineif I am paranoid.
请两位从暗杀中获利最大的人—— Ask the two men who profited most
 from the assassination...
前总统詹森及新总统尼克逊 ...former President Johnson
 and your new President, Nixon...
提出中情局关于 ...to release the 51 CIA documents
李奥斯华和杰克罗比的51份文件, pertaining to Lee Oswald and Jack Ruby.
或者机密的中情局备忘录。 Or the secret CIA memo...
奥斯华在俄国活动的文件,影印时被毁。 ...on Oswald's activities in Russia that
 was destroyed while being photocopied.
这些文件是你们的。 These documents are yours.
那是人民的财产,是你们为此纳税的。 The people's property. You pay for it.
但政府把你们看成小孩子, But as the government sees you as children…
认为你们无法接受事实真相, ...who might be too disturbed to face this reality…
或是你们可能对有关人等施行私刑。 ...or because you might lynch those involved…
因此你们看不得那些文件,除非再过75年。 ...you cannot see these documents for another 75 years.
我已经40多岁了, I'm in my 40s...
到时我可能已经“入土为安”了。 ...so I'll have "shuffled off this mortal coil" by then.
但我要告诉八岁的儿子, But I'm telling my eight-year-old son
要他保持身体健康, to keep himself physically fit...
那样的话,他可以在2038年9月的一个灿烂的清晨, ...so that one glorious September morning,in 2038…
翻看中情局及联邦调查局的档案。 he can go to the National Archives and learn what the CIA and FBI knew.
他们可能会推迟这一天的到来, They may push it back then.
这可能成为世代相传的不解之谜, It may become a generational affair.
 Questions passed from parent to child.
但是终有一天, But someday, somewhere,
某地某人,会使那该死的真相重见天日。 someone may find out the damn truth.
我们最好能等到那一天。 We better.
或者干脆像《独立宣言》所说的 Or we might just as well build ourselves
 another government...
“当旧的政府无法运作, ...like the Declaration of Independence
便在西面建立一个新的。” says to, when the old one don't work.
 Just a bit farther out West.
某位美国自然主义者曾写道: An American naturalist wrote:
“一个爱国者要随时准备 A patriot must always be ready
为了捍卫他的祖国而对抗政府。” to defend his country against its government.
我不想面对你们所要作的决择。 I'd hate to be in your shoes today.
你们要深思熟虑 You have a lot to think about.
你们看过公众看不到的证据。 You've seen evidence the public hasn't seen.
回想我们年幼的时候, Going back to when we were children...
我猜测法庭上大部人都认为, ...I think most of us in this courtroom
正义是自然而来的、 thought justice came automatically.
好人自有好报、 That virtue was its own reward.
正定能胜邪。 That good triumphs over evil.
但越是长大成人就越是知道事实并非如此。 But as we get older we know this isn't true.
每一个人都要去“创造”正义,这并不容易。 Individual human beings have to create
 justice, and this is not easy...
因为真相往往威胁有权势的人。 ...because the truth often poses a threat
 to power...
坚持真理的人挑战权贵之时 ...and one often has to fight power
往往要冒极大的风险。 at great risk to themselves.
像S.M.霍兰、 People like S.M. Holland...
李保华、 ...Lee Bowers...
希珍妮和柯威利这样的人、 ...Jean Hill, Willie O'Keefe...
他们以身犯险、出庭作证。 ...have all taken that risk and they've all come forward.
我手中这些信里有大约八千美元。 I have here some $8,000 in these letters...
是由全国各地寄来的, ...sent from all over the country.
是家庭主妇、水喉匠、教师以及 Quarters, dimes, dollars from housewives...
汽车推销员寄来的零碎小钱 ...plumbers, car salesmen,
 teachers, invalids.
他们生活拮据但还是把钱寄来了 These are people who cannot afford
 to send money but do.
开计程车的人 People who drive cabs...
在医院当护士的人 ...who nurse in hospitals...
目送孩子到南越的人 ...who see their kids go to Vietnam.
他们为何寄钱来? Why?
因为他们关心 Because they care.
因为他们想知道事情的真相。 Because they want to know the truth.
因为他们想要回属于他们的国家。 Because they want their country back.
 Because it still belongs to us...
只要人民还有为信仰奋斗的勇气, ...as long as the people have the guts
这个国家就仍然属于我们。 to fight for what they believe in.
我们所拥有的最珍贵的就是真理, The truth is the most important value
因为如果真理无法持久, we have, because if it doesn't endure...
如果政府抹杀真相, ...if the government murders truth...
如果我们无法尊重这些人, ...if we cannot respect these people...
那这里就不再是我生于斯死于斯的祖国, ...then this is not the country I was born in,
 or the country I want to die in.
丁尼生写过: Tennyson wrote:
“权力遗忘死去的帝王” Authority forgets a dying king.
对约翰F肯尼迪来说,这是千真万确的事实。 This was never more true
 than for John F. Kennedy...
他的遇刺可能是美国历史上 ...whose murder was probably one
最恐怖的时刻。 of the most terrible moments...
 ...in the history of our country.
我们、人民、陪审团制度 We, the people, the jury system sitting
对克雷萧的审判 in judgment on Clay Shaw...
代表了 ...represent the hope...
人性对抗暴政的希望 ...of humanity against government power.
为了履行你们的职责 In discharging your duty...
请在这风雨飘摇的时刻 ...to bring a first conviction
 in this house of cards...
对克雷萧作出裁决。 ...against Clay Shaw...
别问国家能为你做些什么该问你能为国家做些什么 "...ask not what your country can do for
you but what you can do for your country."
不要忘记… Do not forget...
你们死去的帝王 ...your dying king.
向世人显示 Show this world...
这仍是一个民有、 ...this is still a government "of the people,
民享、民治的政府 for the people and by the people."
在我们有生之年, Nothing as long as you live...
没什么比这个更重要了。 ...will ever be more important.
这是你们抉择。 It's up to you.
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