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anyway,I think I should wirte down what I think.

I have heard of Troy for many times especially on the Drama Night of our faculty. But I don't konw the whole story and best to understand it before I saw the film today. I have kept thinking about that the thought of "Troy"(or maybe wood hourse) is a good idea to help the Troy win the war. But after i have saw the film, finally, i catch the true understanding:the thought was helping the enemy to invade the Troy and conquer it. it's what a great pity to what i have thought originally. but after all, that's the truth. i can just say, i know the truth too late..hehhehehe................

now talk about some people and some word in the film.

FIRST, my best love, Hector.

not a specially handsome guy. but he still have someting to capture me. his brave, i think it's the most important thing for the person who just like me like he. he is such a brave and stronge man. he is not afraid of any of stronge rival, giving his life his repect to his country his men! i like him. he acts more like a men than his brother Paris who is the guy i don't like so much though the film itself suggests that he is a love-protector. when he killed Achilles's cousin, it seems so crude. but that's the Achilles says"the war must have a loser"(thought i'm not sure if the words achilles says is the same:)) anyway, Hector, is my favourite in this film.

SECOND, Achilles.

I must say that the first sight i saw him, i don't like him. but the last sight he appeared before me, gain my preference. he is too minitance, and cares too much about glory, that's the indirect reason leading to his death. if he was not a glory-persuer, he had have not come to Troy, and he wouldn't have met Briscis and he wouldn't have died because of love. but that's the fable wants he to be so. to be fun, i think he is more suitable to be a god of love than a god of war.hehehe.......anyway, he died not because of the glory, but the woman he loves. in some degree, i'm so inspired some aspects of his character. he didn't fight for the king, and he had said that the soldiers were all going to die because of a stupid king they have never see! it's up to what i have thought. i always wonder that why most the soldiers in the ancient times were willness to fight for their kings?? it's so stupid right? they fight for their kings, contributing their lives. and what about the consequences? the kings would enjoy the most thing they won and give a piece of cake to their men!what if the war lose?? the men would die first,NOT the king!anyway, it's glad that i'm not the soldier of the kings in that time. Even if i were, i think i would act like achilles, not fight for any of them, just for myself.hahahaha...........though i may not have the ability which achilles had....and let me talk of the love between achilles and briscis. we can see achilles must ML with many women as we can see at the first scene we saw him. but why did he fall in love with briscis? i'm still not sure. i thought it maybe the "purity" of briscis that touched him.but when the priestess ML with him, i thougt that's impossible, it's not the main reason and not what briscis attracted him. anyway, he died not because he want to get the Troy, but to protect the woman he loved. I respect that. and he also respect the real warrior! "I won't let a stone make you die." in a modern word today, he is so qualified and good-characteristic in his job.the scene that he cried behind the body of Hector also confuse me. anyway, he is a good guy too.

THIRD, the king of Troy

he is a good father. he respected the love of Paris instead of blaming him bring Troy disaster. and he respect his elderly son as well as achilles as a good warrior. "A father never have a better son." and after Hector died, he took a risk to go to the camp of achilles to ask him return the body of his beloved son. when i saw and heard what he talked with achilles, i was moved. a good father, a good king........

Fourth, Paris

to be honest, i don't like him at all though the story is making him as a handsome guy, and though i always love handsome guy....hehehehe.........but i don't like this character. because of his greedy of a so-called beautiful woman, his father lost the kingdom, his brother lost the life, and all of the people of Troy lost their lives! In some degrees, he is just like Agamemnon who want his men to fulfill his greedy!and still pretended himself to be a brave man to fight with Helen's ex-husband!finally, he donated his country, his families to what he had done!don't like him at all!and if he can save achilles when Troy was fell, maybe achilles can fright for him and Troy because of Briscis, for he was always not willing to fight for "a stupid king"! but at last he still pretended to be a hero!sigh.........and in my opinion, at least according to the film, i can NOT feel any stronge love between he and Helen. if there was anything, maybe it's Helen's so-called beauty.

Compared with other films

Compared with some magnificant films made by China, i think the scenes are more better on the visional effect. Althoug "Golden Helmets" has some scenes of a lot of soldiers too, i think it's too deliberating. but this one is far more better. it's no wonder that it was made by USA. hehehehe..............but still, i think there are too many horrible scenes. if this one was made by China, maybe the authority of film made cut a lot of it. hehehehe........................but anyway, it wasn't MADE IN CHINA.hehehe.........

typing out what is coming to my mind. In a mess and many mistakes, hehehehe....
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