A short Business Leadership Analysis (pt of assignment)

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碎碎念:这门课的一个summative,movie analysis是选择里的一部分。写的东西跟电影本身其实并没有什么关系(不)但是联系的东西感觉可以记录下来,虽然没写Business movie(因为很无聊)但其实写的也是最大程度了,谁让老师非让写三个concept...本来只想写motivation的。

The movie The Shawshank Redemption describes an experience of a formerly successful banker Andy Dufresne as a prisoner in the gloomy jailhouse of Shawshank after being found guilty of a crime he did not commit. The film portrays the man’s unique way of dealing his new, torturous life. Along the way he befriends a number of fellow prisoners, mostly notably a wise, long-term inmate named Red Written.

As one of the themes that being evoked in the movie The Shawshank Redemption, motivation of the main protagonist, Andy, could be seen as the most powerful support for him to prove his innocence at the end of the movie, where he dug a hole on the wall and escaped from prison. Motivation is the creation of stimuli, incentives, and working environments which enable people to perform to the best of their ability in pursuit of organizational success. In the movie, Andy encountered a motivation for Intrinsic Rewards which he seeks for pleasure or sense of satisfaction one gets from working on or completing the task, that being said, the will he has to prove his guiltiness is what drives him to completing the task of escaping from the prison. Moreover, according to Maslow’s Theory, it demonstrates a Hierarchy of States that the needs at the bottom of the pyramid must be satisfied before a person is concerned with higher levels, that matches Andy’s situation in a prison where he lacks psychological needs and safety and security, and he is motivated to do so because of the needs.

Moreover, the movie shows many aspects in an organization like Shawshank by revealing the life in a prison, how it should be properly managed and controlled. Prisons use External Controls which occur through direct supervision or administrative systems such as rules and procedures, they have been described in many scenes with details, some examples are when Andy tries to get a hammer from Red, there are many prison staff who guards them to not talk on the field of the prison. Rules are set strictly for them to avoid any happening of circumstances that also slow down Andy’s escape plan for him resulting in him having spent 19 years tunneling through the wall of his cell with his Rock Hammer. Managing prisons also uses Preliminary Controls, which occur prior to work and provide correct instructions & training for employees, such as setting rules and providing prisoners daily work to do, by providing the correct resources and it requires proactive management. Thus the prison could work properly under a controlling and specific way of doing it.

Lastly, it is important for organizing the prison and it is revealed in the plot. Organizing is the process of arranging people and other resources to work together to accomplish a goal, where some main characters shown as warden, general staff, librarian (a prisoner named Brooks Hatlen) and some labor like Andy and Red do a few times in a week. It could be assumed that the Departmentalization has been formed since they have grouped people and jobs together into work units. Thus, they are organized as a functional organizational structure which is mainly defined as people with similar skills who perform similar tasks in this kind of organizational structure, which provides a well-organized environment for workers to function effectively. Additionally, this way of providing work opportunities in prison but the work should be done as a mandatory thing, it could be analyzed as Theory X in Behavioural Management Theory because the prisoners dislike their work and have little motivation for the work, according to McGregor, an authoritarian style of management is used, which is very "hands-on" and usually involves micromanaging people's work to ensure that it gets done properly. Most people must be forced with the threat of punishment to work towards organizational objectives, because the prison staff are strict about their work and force them to do them. So organizing plays an important role in management of the prison, specifically in Shawshank.

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