a gay's song in the live.

2008-01-04 看过
Poor little poofter
Alone in his cell
Spare a thought for the woofter
His life now a hell
This beautiful bum boy
Is now doing time
Is burgling turds
Such a terrible crime?
So you guardians up here
Who are you to judge
Who care if he's up all night
Packing fudge?
Open your hearts
Open your eyes
Stand proud and tall,Dafydd
Sint to the skies
I'm gay
get over it
I'm gay
get used to it
Yes,wake up,you old codgers
For I like to hold men's todgers
I also like men's bottoms
I'm not afraid to say that I'm gay
A proper gay
I'm gay
So leave with it
I'm gay
So deal with it
I'm a member of a flock
Who prefers a bit of cock
Yes,whenever I feel glum
I think of Nigel lfavers' bum
Because I'm gay
A proper gay
Yes,I'll say it loud
I'll sing from the roof
I'm LIanddewi Brefi's number one poof!
I'm gay
a real life gay
I'm gay
Haven't tell you I'm gay
Although I'm short and stocky
I'm a first-class sausage jockey
I'm only got a maggot
But I'm proud to be a faggot
Yes,I'm gay
A big,fat gay
He's gay
A homosexual gay
He's gay
A friend of Dorothy
Is it really all that heinous
To gobble on a penis?
Though I haven't tried it yet
But I'm planning to one day
Because I'm gay
A big,fat gay
A proper gay
The only gay.
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