What do you want ? normal stuff...

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Eve:"What do you want?"

Villan:"Normal stuff, nice life, cool flat, fun job,someone to watch movie with"

Reviewing this sene,i started to understand that Villan want to be like us,but WE ARE ALL Villan. I mean we also have the same wishes to have Normal life.

Think about what modern life brings to us, are we really longing and capable to be Normal?

We can not afford to own a decent residence where we work and stay for most of time; we are not doing the job we like because that's not generating much cash flow or showing status; there is not many places for us to find the like-minded outside coz we are already trapped in the digital boxes.

JUST LISTED A FEW from what i see and what i ve experienced. If you live much better, please always be thankful.

What Villan has shown to us (and influenced eve-if you watched some senes from season 3) is:

Acknowledge yourself,be truthful to yourself,treat yourself as A friend.You probably won't say half of the things to your friends coz that's too mean ,and you don't give yourself the benefit of DOUBT. Sometimes the closest people around you are the least supportive people,so start to be strong like Villan as if you have no backup (and we really do not).

Again,if you find someone like eve to villan,please always be thankful.

Apart from us being stronger ,one question lasts:Should technology enable that Normal life for us?

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