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先从s8e12 chase和修女救赎的故事开始

Chase因为之前的 种种事情,也变成了瘸子,还在生House的气。




正如Foreman所说“But I know you, If all you do is physical therapy, and your nighttime version of it, you’ll lose your mind faster than you regain those fine motor skills.”(毕竟Chase是team里手术技术最好的呀)


“Chase is back. His first patient is a cute nun about to make her final vow. While still blaming House, he needs his help with his patient. House and Taub try to one-up each other with pranks.”


“That was so I could ask about the second possibility. Left-sided pain means it could be angina, which is made worse by stress. Might not be a coincidence that the pain started on the verge of a major life change.”

“How did you know?”

“Blue veil means you’re a postulant, haven’t taken your vows yet. Brown vestments means you’re carmelites, cloistered nuns, which explains the chaperone. You’re about to withdraw from the world for good. I was a seminarian.”

“Who obviously didn’t take his vows.” “Cassock made my ass look fat.”

“I have had second thoughts. I’m kind of a wreck”

“A life of perpetual enclosure and almost complete silence? If you weren’t wrestling with this, I’d say there’s something really wrong with you.”

Consult with Wilson也没查出原因,House还是一如既往的funny.

“Is it possible that she hurt her shoulder?”


“Ever surf Kirra point? Obviously you’re Australian.”

“I’ve surfed all over the Gold Coast. Don’t tell me you have.”

“The closest I got was Waimea Bay. I grew up on Maui.”

“If you don’t mind asking, why are you becoming a nun?”

“You asking cause I surf?”

“Well, I know that Jesus walked on water but… Plus the average postulant is a lot younger than you. What were you doing before this?”

“Not much of anything. Worked as a nanny. Moved around a lot. Bunch of failed ralationships.”

“And then what? God spoke to you? You heard the calling?”

“Something like that. Does there have to be some dramatic moment where the skies part?”

“Usually, yeah.”

“Is that what happened to you when you entered the seminary?”

“Mom drank, dad worked. They stuck me in catholic school. Priests and nuns were the closest I had to family. Turned out that wasn’t much of a reason to join the priesthood.”

“Is that why you left?” “Something like that.”

找不出病情的Chase只能寻求House 的帮助

“I need help with my patient. She’s vomiting………”

“What are you planning to do now that you’re not working for me?”

“I have no idea. Almost dying’s been clarifying I can do anything.”

“You can do anything. So you come back to the same building you’ve worked in for years. Guess you can cross that off your bucket list.”

“Can we get to my patient sometime soon?”

“As soon as you admit that you’re a confused mess, sure.”

“You’ll help me. Cause even though you don’t find my case interesting, you find my interest in it interesting.”(哈哈哈,以house之逻辑用以house身上)

“Well, when you put it that way… ”

“I’m not saying I don’t have faith. I just haven’t felt the calling yet.”

“No one joins the clergy without having that epiphany. That god’s love is speaking to you directly.”

“It’s the silence, the contemplation, the order I need them. Hoping everything else will come later.”

“That’s not an answer. If you want silence, you can get ear plugs.”

“I tried the outside world. It wasn’t enough.”

“Have you been married?” “No.”

“No kids. You never found a career. Doesn’t sound like the outside world got much of a try. What you’re headed towards now, 14 hours a day in silent prayer, never having a family, never touching another human being.”

“Just because that’s what you’d miss the most. The nurses talk”(hhhhhhh ,Chase一脸无奈)

“Nothing’s wrong with having fun.”

“They said you were almost killed three weeks ago. You go right back to fun?”

“Is that why you wanna be a nun? Someone broke your heart.”

“No. I’m just looking for something more.” “So am I”


“Looks like you’re ready to go ……home. I’d say I’m in the book, but not the one you’ll be reading from now on.”

“Six years ago, I was a nanny in Honolulu for this beautiful two year old boy. I loved him. Probably spent more time with him than his own parents. One day I was in the park talking with another nanny. He wandered out of the sandbox into the street, into the path of a moving car.”

“That could happen to anyone”

“I don’t think so. And even if it did, they’d blame themselves for the rest of their lives too.”

“You shouldn’t. You shouldn’t run from what can still be a good life.”

“I’m running to god. After what happened to you, don’t you wanna remake your life?”

“Not by hiding myself away. I hope it works out for you.”

“It’s gonna be hard. Not touching anyone.”

所以修女是想救赎,而Chase说的这些,有多少是说给修女,又有多少是说给自己的呢?难道自己不是在hiding myself away吗?沉迷女色,逃避几周前的那次accident.



“Who knew mother inferior was smoking hottie. No wonder you’re playing handsies with her”

“You think I’m hitting on a nun? Angry at god or I just need challenge?”

“Or you’re terrified of intimacy, which is why you’re a serial slut. But right now you’re grasping at an emotional life raft. Ideally someone for whom intimacy’s not an option. That actually make sense, which I can’t say about anything else you’ve been doing”

“I’m not emotionally involved with her. And much as I’d love to hear you contradict me, I have a appointment to explore my intimacy issues at La Scala.”


“You’re not supposed to be here. Or anywhere.”

“You’re right. I was running away.

翻云覆雨过后,不得不说,chase 确实是handsome good looking guy.

“This is a little scary for me. I had a whole life planned. Not that I wasn’t struggling with it. And then I met you. Don’t worry, I know you’re not the relationship type.”

“I’m not the relationship type? I was married once.” “Relax. You’re fine.”

“So what’s next for you?”

“I have to find a place to live. Get my old job back. Sure, I’ll feel guilty, start doubting.”

“As long as you keep dealing with your doubts in the same way then…”

没那么简单,coughing blood.

就在开头Foreman说Chase要丢掉自己做手术的那些fine motor skills时,在爱情面前,Chase重拾老本行了!亲自开头,用心程度1000%

“You’re not gonna operate on her.”

“Kapur and Carlyle are unavailable. Reillys’ done far fewer dissections than I have.”

“He’s also slept with her far fewer times than you have. Your judgment’s compromised.”

“I spent the night with her, doesn’t change how I make an incision.”


“Do the surgery”

“You’re trying to score points with him at the risk of a patient’s life.”


During the surgery

“You’re trying to make sure she’s either perfect or dead.”

“She’s not going to die. If I get this done in five minutes, she won’t stroke out.”

“You don’t know that you will. And you can’t because you can’t think clearly about her”


“Good flow. Lighten the anesthesia.”

“You’re not gonna close the wound first?”


“No ifs ,ands, or buts”



“Quite a journey. Starts with a surgical tool in your heart and ends with a surgeon’s tool in a nun. What’s the plan?”

“Plan’s to cure her.”

“Well, if it’s not meaningless sex, knida screams out for an end game. You’re the dog that’s chasing the popemobile. You sure you want…..”


“But I hadn’t had sex in years.”

“Tertiary syphilis means you’ve had the disease for at least that long.”

“Does that mean you also have it?”

“Probably not contagious at this point.”

“Can it cause hallucinations? While I was on the operating table, it didn’t feel like a dream. I saw the boy who I was caring for. The one who died. He walked right up to me.”

“What did he say?”

“He just held my hand. It was like he forgave me. Do you think that’s crazy?”

“I think it should give you solace, help you to move on.”



“You slept with your patient? You’re off the case.”

“I saved her from brain damage. You think my judgment’s the least bit compromised?”

“She’s still sick. If she dies, we’ll be in the middle of a brand-new investigation.”

“This is about you covering your own ass.”

“I gave you time, leeway, and you decided to do whatever the hell you wanted.”

“House can dance all over the rules, gets me knifed, and he gets a pass. I break a rule, no one gets hurt, but you kick me off my own case?”

“Unfortunately, yes.” Foreman走人,留下Chase和新加入的Hottie医生

“I’m sorry”

“I took that scalpel for you.”

“That’s why I did this. Three weeks ago, you never would have slept with a patient. And you never would have operated on her after. You need help”

“I need to get away from House and everything that reminds me of him.”

“By breaking the rules, not caring what anyone else thinks. You’re gonna get away from him by turning into him?”



“Yeah, Foreman’s clearly wrong. You’re clearly not grasping at straws, because you’re clearly not emotionally involved. I know you want to believe that this is something we can cure. It’s not. I’m sorry.”


“I’ll be here as much as you need.”

“You still never told me why you left the seminary.”

“Mary Knoller. Wife of the groundskeeper. He caught me with her, got me with a rake. Those scars on my ass you may have noticed.”

“Why didn’t you tell me that before?”

“Because it was so shallow. I wasn’t exactly wrestling with great theological questions.”

“I don’t believe that. You don’t sleep with the groundskeeper’s wife, wot unless you’re struggling with whether you belong there.”

“I always wanted to believe. Would have made my life a lot easier. It never took”

“Doesn’t… mean it’s too late.”


“That I can get out of here soon.”

“And when you do, I’m gonna take you to Puerto Escondido.”

“I spoke to the prioress.

“You’re going back?”

“I felt the calling.”

“When you saw the boy?”

“I felt god’s love, his grace. I’ve been waiting my entire life for that.”

“It’s not real.”

“I know you didn’t feel anything when you almost died. I did”

“You felt oxygen depravation. You felt your brain releasing noradrenaline.”

“You didn’t say that before.”

“I want you to move on with your life. I want to reassure you. I wanted you to feel better.”

“And now you don’t?”

“Now… I think I love you.”


“Noradrenaline and near-death experiences. Oh, dear. You saw god?”

“She did. She wants to go back to the monastery.”

“So now you’re preparing a powerpoint presentation to keep her in your garden of earthly delights. You are an idiots.”

“Because I found someone I love?”

“Because you’re an idiot. At least you two have that in common.”

“Her feelings are based on a chemical process. They’re gonna wear off.”

“You just slept with her. Your brain is exploding with oxytocin. You think that’s gonna last through the ages?”

“She’s throwing away her life because of blind faith.”

“So are you! She’s found something she wants to build her life around. It’s a total illusion, but apparently she’ll take a little ignorance with her bliss. Are you want to take that away?”

“How many times have you thrown the truth in people’s faces?”

“Because it’s the truth, not because we’re gonna live happily ever after. Either your relationship just blows up like every other non-magical romance, or she stays with you but blames you for stripping all the meaning out of her life.”

“This has nothing to do with the truth. You don’t like that I’m reassessing my life, that I want to change it, that I can.”

“Anyone can screw up a life. I never said that wasn’t possible.”

“You’re incapable of human connection, so you want everyone to be like you.”

“If I wanted you to be like me… I would be urging you to make a stupid, stubborn decision that blows up your life and leaves you lonely and miserable. You reassess your life when you’ve made mistakes. You didn’t. You just got stabbed.”(House和Chase都同意神学院是blind faith,但区别在于,House认为Chase的这种throw the truth存在着conflict of interests,因为Chase是希望修女不要去和他在一起,我好喜欢最后那句话You reassess your life when you’ve made mistakes. You didn’t. You just got XXXXXXXX。这句话可以送给所有遭遇一些创伤的人。难怪总是记得这集和One day One room.都和应对创伤和过去的阴影的东西,虽然不是主要内容,但都提了一下


“I’m happy I knew you.”

“So am I.”

Chase最终back to normal life,结束了混乱不堪的私生活。修女也去take the final vow.


另外,个人还是觉得,女性可能更感性更会把这种体验当作是一种calling(相对男性来说),男性更多的只是感慨一下,会更轻易的move on.而女性感觉明显会更加陷入这些感受和情绪当中一些。

结尾伴随着这集的片尾曲:Promise。Ben Howard。

这个歌手的歌,在行尸走肉里就有听过,都不记得是什么歌了,但,他给我的感觉真的和李志的梵高先生很像,气质很像,比较空灵,贴近自然,低沉的嗓音(感觉嗓音有点像Bob Dylan)


“”Who am I, darling for you?

Who am I

To be your burden

Who am I, darling to you?

Who am I?

I come alone here

I come alone here”

每个人不都是 “I come alone here”




听rainymood真的非常能让人静下来,不管是读书学习还是工作Helps you focus relax and study!真的太爱了!听着听着就发现,非常的集中精神在所做的事情上了,“Rainn sounds for sleep&study”


第八季,cuddy因为片酬的原因没谈妥走了,Foreman成了dean of medcine。唉,Cuddy走了感觉House只剩下wilson了,完结了也好,天下没有不散的宴席,就在这里结束也不失为 一场美。



And meet me there, with bundles of flowers,

We''ll wade through the hours of cold

Winter she''ll howl at the walls,

Tearing down doors of time.

Shelter as we go...

And promise me this:

You''ll wait for me only,

Scared of the lonely arms.

SThat surface, far below these birds.

And maybe, just maybe I''ll come home

Who am I, darling to you?

Who am I,

To tell you stories of mine

Who am I?

Who am I, darling for you?

Who am I

To be your burden in time, lonely

Who am I, to you?

Who am I, darling for you?

Who am I

To be your burden

Who am I, darling to you?

Who am I?

I come alone here

I come alone here

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