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If you can't tell, does it matter ------West World. 1, Object of Desire. Cam tries to cover or include many hot subjects of today' society including the desirability in the digital world and how far you are willing to go and expose yourself to aim for fame or money. Inherently, internet dangers and identity theft are presented in a creative way in my opinion. 2, The Fake Lola and the ending. Some reviewers are complaining about the loose end and about the fact that the ending remains unexplained. What is there to explain? Arnold discovered the pattern: most chat companies use an algorithm that analyses the girl's behavior and creates a virtual version. Why? Because of the productivity and the income. A vertual girl could be 24/7 and demands no share of profit. It happened before with "baby girl", but she couldn't fight back since she was dead. I think SHE wasn't randomly chosen but due to reasons include the recent increasing popularity of her person but also the fact that she worked as a "freelance". 3, the Baby Girl Apparently, the writer ignored how impossible for a dead girl presenting on a live show, otherwise there is no logic to it. Lola googled about the dead girl and her information just came up. I guess other only fans or pathetic men who searched the whole information will try to figure out how can a dead girl to present instead of keeping blind but still top up coins to a dead girl with an alive account. Besides that, when Lola tried to call police to help, if she showed up this dead girl but alive live, I guess it may make a point unless they are truly useless and disgusting. 4. Metaphor Doesn't Need to Make Sense. I don't understand why so many reviewers are having such a hard time getting their arms around this excellent fantasy-thriller. Some reviewers reckon the film has no purpose other than cheap titillatiom. Does "Frankenstein" explain why sewing bits and pieces of corpses together and running high voltage through the product produces a living being? Does "Night of Living Dead" really make any sense at all? If you need a movie tied up with a pretty red bow at the end, then you might not like this one. But if you like to have your thoughts provoked a little bit, then definitely give this a watch. The story keeps a fast pace so it never gets a dull or slow. It does have a lot of a feel of Black Mirror episode, just not so sophisticated in the story line. But then again, very few films do match up to BM when it comes to the story line. Btw, when Lola found her account was stolen, obviously someone had created an algorithm to analyze how these girls were acting and managed to hijack and perform how they might behave. It is like stealing their money and identity it's pretty creepy that someone could actually do that, especially when you connect it to your real life, struggling to log on your personal account. But this weird feeling keep you intrigued to watch, also kind of cringe worthy at the same time. But why Lola can't tell everyone she was HACKED, rather than ignore as nothing happened on her. Geez.

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