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S03E06 0:35:23

There was a man of double deed Who sowed his garden full of seed When the seed began to grow 'Twas like a garden full of snow When the snow began to melt 'Twas like a ship without a bell When the ship began to sail 'Twas like a bird without a tail When the bird began to fly 'Twas like an eagle on the sky When the sky began to roar 'Twas like a lion at my door When the door began to crack 'Twas like a stick across my back When my back began to smart 'Twas like a penknife in my heart When my heart began to bleed 'Twas death, and death, and death indeed

'Twas death, and death, and death indeed


本段诗歌最早见于1784年的童谣诗集Gammer Gurton's Garland,很多留言评论中相当常见的改编来源“Roses are red/ violets are blue/ sugar is sweet/ and so are you"即来源于此。但仍有很多证据显示本诗的来源更为古老。有人认为在英王爱德华四世统治时期,英格兰曾在宣传中被称为”a garden full of weeds",因此本诗可能指代亨利六世,在其统治期间英国渐渐开始失去英法百年战争中的优势地位,他最终于1471年被杀害。但在本剧中,"A man of double deed" 无疑是Spector对于自己双重生活和绝望的承认,也是对Gibson和其他看似在光明面的人的照应。在Spector选择自杀前让他留下这首诗,不得不说很是巧妙。

主题:love & death

S03E06 00:57:31

He that loves not abides in death. (John 3:14)


来自Bibleref的解释: In contrast, John taught that a lack of love is a sign of "abiding" in death. Hatred, according to Jesus, is the spiritual equivalent to murder (Matthew 5:21–22). Christians are certainly capable of feeling hate, but such feelings are never the product of fellowship with Christ. As John words it, anyone who hates "abides in death."


对应Spector自己的诗句(S03E04 0:40:47):

I don't believe in love./ At least, I believe in love, but not in happiness./ The only love that lasts is unhappy love.

对应Rose的录像(S03E04 0:23:51)

Nothing you can do will ever take away how much I love my husband, how much I love my children. Nothing you can do can make me devalue my life in any way. I will celebrate life. I love and I am loved and nothing that you...


S03E03 0:54:35 和护士Kiera的对话,Kiera问Spector经历过濒死体验后,如何理解死亡。

I know that life is our only true possesson


S03E04 0:29:47 Kiera继续追问这个问题

just as I didn't exist before I was born...I simply won't exist after I die.


Spector的含义: a visible disembodied spirit

S03E04 0:23:51 在Rose的录像中,Spector似乎在对观看者说话

Why the fuck are you watching this? You sick shit. What the fuck is wrong with you?

S03E04 0:28:10 和护士讨论,描述Sally和Olivia的幸福画面

Where I always am. On the outside, looking in. When I was unconscious, I was. I... I could see myself. In this room, I was able to see myself from above, lying in the bed, with all the tubes and monitors.


When I was young, yes. When things got really bad, I used to be able to split myself. If I was lucky, a part of me would just drift away. To another place, a better place.

S03E04 0:41:06 Stella对话心理医生

He writes at one point about the battle, as he perceives it, between "Good Paul" and "Bad Paul". He describes standing back, being a spectator of his own actions, that there's an observing self and a participating self.

S03E06 0:27:26 Spector站在镜子前

It's not me. I look at my body and it's not me.

这些段落在我看来的意义并非引向辩护律师想要选择的多重人格障碍,而是人格解体。Spector观察自己、观察他人的幸福、观察自己的幸福的视角都是窗外,因此即使他已经获得了家庭,甚至可以轻易获得Katie、Stella、Kiera的迷恋,但对他来说happy love仍然不存在,他仍然需要不断搜寻猎物来满足自己的瘾。


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