the Durrells

2020-04-25 看过

i even can not think of any proper topic that is more beautiful than Durrells.

the only lesson the Durrells tell me is that persuit what you long for, follow your heart, give up all of those said limitation.

They droped all to move to Cofu, they are so brave, so honest with their heart.

Pretending i were Margo, flooding by the warm and vivacious sunlight, i am taking a sunbathing in the city of Beijing.

the Durrels all get what they want, their spritual need are unique,simple, but most of us just miss it, and gave it up, also, we have enough reason to give it up, the reason is that we should be more realistic, we need to live for not just the moment but also the future, we take so much into consideration, we build a solid prison for ourselves, even we ourselves did not perceive the existence of it.

the sunlight of today is unique for me, is it possible for me to be a unique person, to persuit and enjoy my sun despite a Monk stoping me from doing such an unnormal thing, and have the courage to break these limitations.

life is a box consisting of obstacles, waves, quietness, happiness, sorrows, should be abundant, it is something more than a box of chocolate.

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