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I don't know how many are like me, intrigued by the new P&P movie but falling in love with this miniseries instead.

I tried to read P&P before but couldn't finish the first a couple of pages, under a false impression coming from reading the first quarter of sense and sensibility that the heroine in P&P was also full of vanity and conceit. I was prejudiced too, hehe. So when the new movie came out I went to have a look, wondering why the novel's this popular. The Elizabeth in the movie is lovely, so is Mr. Darcy, but still not good enough to outperform Ehle and Colin whom I discovered in a searching for more P&P information.

Colin Firth's eyes are so expressive, his body language is so subtle, and I doubt anyone can ever replace him as Mr Darcy. I began to re-read the novel after finishing the miniseries due to difficulty of understanding some dialogues. The heroine in the first half is very self-conscious but acceptable with witty lines here and there. She turns better in the other half where the chemistry starts to make itself apparent and draws all my attention. The hero is absolutely charming, probably because I imaged him as Colin, who is soooooo handsome and cute by the way :), from the very beginning.

Unlike the movie, the plot of this miniseries keeps faithful to the novel but still refreshes us with a few new scenes those are absolutely natural and are definitely an enhancement. To those who think the wet shirt makes Darcy sexual and so degrade the taste, please watch it again without any prejudice. I don't see the wet shirt sexually seducing, actually I don't see anything related to sex. I only see a Darcy not surrounded by his pride and vulnerable to love. Oh, I can't tell how ardently I admire and love him! This miniseries is superb and I can watch it again and again and again!
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