Another country, another time

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Rupert Everett plays young Guy Bennett who is in love with Cary Elwes' character James, Colin Firth his best friend who thinks communism is the future of the world. Other students leave Guy alone wandering around with his passion as long as he would grow out of it. But once they find out that's the way Guy chooses for his life, Guy is in trouble...
Rupert is amazingly young and handsome. But this is not a movie about handsome boys although there are plenty, Rupert, Colin and Cary. Based on an award winning stage play which led by Rupert and Kenneth Branagh, the movie explores old Public School life, homosexuality, social and political changes in the 30s. Never saw the play myself, so not sure how much been changed for the movie script, but the pace does feel very much like a stage play, dispite various campus and other locations. The DVD bonus contains one stage scene played by Rupert and Kenneth, the dislogs and performance are very much the same.
Rupert is passionate and brilliant, with all his inner struggles plainly written all over his face and with his body language, while Colin struggles with his social ideas by his side. The movie carries this sad tone all the way through: something sad, something old, something long-gone and untouchable, specially the last scene of the movie..... But then Rupert always carries this air with him, even though he could naturally be very funny and witty when he chooses, as in "My Best Friend's Wedding".
It's nice to see Rupert and Colin reunited in "The Importance of Being Ernest" after all those years. A very different movie, a totally different tone, with Wilde. Rupert and Wilde go along very well.
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