Unavoidable Misunderstandings

2005-10-23 看过
It has been a long time since I first heard of this movie and started longing for it. It has been so long that it connectted two different eras of my life(sounds serious,hehe). And the original reason to expect is just the voice of Johnny Depp.

A corpse edition of "Daughter of the Sea", the movie is a tragedy of misunderstandings, sacrifices and hopeless love. But Tim Burtons is absolutely more humane than Anderson, the fairy tale author. At least, the hero was not set to be simply happy and ignorant. He knew the martyr of love and the love of the martyr, and what's the scarcest is his willingness to take the responsibility to minimize hurt. What would you do if you fell in love with a perfect person but he was from a different world, if you couldn't give him what he wants, if YOU were the "other woman"? Maybe the only words you could say is what the corpse bride said ---- I love you, but you are not mine.

Contrasted to the sombrous tone in the lower world, the color of our world is much more sombrous. Maybe this is what Burtons really wanted to say:"everyone's longing for death". Indeed, the despairing things in our world that would make people helpless, weeping, and lost could sometimes seem greater than love. Everybody owns his own world which is built of misunderstandings of others. You can't help admitting that air is a kind of rummy substance through which every word you received is already not what has been sent. Longing for death does not necessarily mean passive attitudes, instead, it could be a result of completism. Aware of this, the grief can be even more gloomy. But you wouldn't cry because this kind of misunderstandings and this kind of regrets are the nature of everyone's life.

The most fascinating and impressive factor of the movie, in my opinion, is those piano melodies, passionate and to the moment. Unless you hear it under the context, you wouldn't catch the feeling. Also I like the appearance of their fingers.
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