Glitchr (Android)


摄影摄像 / 2.2.2 版 / 2014-03-12 更新



Glitchr is a brand new app exclusive to Android that lets you give your photos a cool retro look! You can pick between the four gorgeous and original effects to give your photos a unique vibe. As of right now, Glitchr includes Gameboy, Gameboy Camera, VHS (old TV effect), NES, old-style 3D Anaglyph, ASCII Art, and Glitch Art effects for you to play with! Once you're done, you can save the picture or share it to your favorite social network! Glitchr's features include: VHS Effect Glitch Art Effect JPEG/Datamosh Effect 3D Anaglyph Effect Triangulation Effect Original Gameboy Effect Gameboy Camera Effect NES Effect ASCII Art Effect ZX Spectrum Effect Retro-inspired UI The ability to share photos to any app No in-app purchases No ads tags: image filter, effects, Instagram, retro, glitch art, crt, 90s, vintage

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