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Three well loved fairy tales are all mixed up in this interactive picture book for children. When Little Red Riding Hood meets the Wolf, he asks her 'Where are you going?' With this app children can choose the answer, and set the story hurtling off one way or another. At each step along the way, choose which storyline to follow to create your own mixed up fairy tale and reach one of more than 50 possible endings. Will Little Red Riding Hood discover the Cave of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves? Will the Fairy Godmother turn the Big Bad Wolf into a Big Bad Wolf Carriage so that Cinderella can go to the Ball? Maybe Ali Baba will dance with the wolf, or Little Red Riding Hood will find her twin sister (What an oddly long tail she has, for a twin sister...), or perhaps the Grandmother will cook up a feast big enough for every one of the Forty Thieves (Wolf Stew, how delicious!) MIXUP is designed to open up the possibilities of creative play within story telling. Parents can read along with children, or children can listen to the audio narration or read for themselves. Teachers can read to the class and take suggestions, or workshop ideas that spin off from the stories. In our own workshops we have found that children quickly run away with the idea, extending the stories each in their own way, with drawings, creative writing, mini theatre productions and more. Discover a new story each time you read.

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