Tumble Tiles Mobile (iPhone / iPad)


游戏 / 99.80 MB / 1.14.1 版 / 2016-04-17 更新



From the makers of Twisty Hollow comes the hot new puzzle game that will make you rethink the art of collapsing tiles. Tired of digging for diamonds? Rescuing pets? Then try Tumble Tiles! It isn't your typical collapse game. ** How to Play ** --Tap groups of three or more tiles of the same color to collapse them --Collapse next to or behind obstacles to destroy them --Build up special powers built into every level by collapsing tiles of their color --Strategically set off powers to destroy more obstacles --Charge multiple powers at a time and discover a whole new level of strategy as they start to combine in exciting new ways ** Features ** --Over 130 levels of collapsing puzzles --Nine different varieties of obstacle to contend with --Seven different powers that combine to over 100 possible combinations! Can YOU three-star every level and master the mysterious jungles of TUMBLE TILES?

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