Little Broken Robots (iPhone / iPad)


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They’re little. They’re broken. They’re robots. And they need your help! Enjoy this free puzzle game from the creators of Defend the Dam and Paper Trail! The wires have all been scrambled! Fix the robots by tapping on a number and dragging out a wire. The number tells you how far you can drag. Fill in all the empty dots! Featured in Best New Games in over 100 Countries! Enjoy: - Unlimited puzzles: puzzles are generated randomly, which means you'll never run out! - Classic Mode: repair robots to your heart's content--and theirs. - Advanced Mode: the addition of junctions make puzzles more difficult, but incredibly satisfying to solve! - Timed Mode: Fix as many robots as you can before the timer runs out. Each time you fix one, you get a little more time added to your timer! - Use hints when you get stuck! - Progress trackers for each mode! Master all three modes! - The game is Free! - See all kinds of cute little robots of all shapes, sizes, colors and symptoms! - Show off your replays with our video sharing feature! - Use Split View on iPad and iPad Pro to play while you work! Follow Us: Twitter - Instagram - Website - ****************************************************************** NOTE: Little Broken Robots requires an iPhone 5 or newer, iPad 3 or newer, or iPad mini 2 or newer. The game is not supported on older devices.

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