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PUMO brings you the "JP IDOL" Series, and its first title as a simple "Sorting-Action" game. The Japanese pop idol group is holding their handshaking event, and the fans are waiting in line. You guide them by tapping the screen, so each fan can shake hands with his favorite idol. *Recommended devices: iPhone5/5S, iPad Air/mini Retina But, who is this idol group anyway? What are they? Here is the blog post from the website "Kotacky" that explains a little about them: ------------------------------------------------------------ JP IDOL: Awakening By Lodi Dnegel Everyone who knows DOT8x8,(dee-oh-tee eyt bahy eyt) would tell you that it would be just a matter of time before they would become top Japanese idols, and that time is now. “Each member of the group is just like a dot, but, once they start performing together, these dots become a line, or even a piece of art.“ John Smith, CEO of EGG Promotion, the talent agency of DOT8x8, described the idol group like this: “And, I still don’t know how popular DOT8x8 will become. They don’t know about themselves yet, or what role each member should take in the group; which hue to be colored to create their own art.” “That’s where the fans will get involved: Coloring their idols.” “I’d be more than happy if I could be part of the process in making the DOT8x8 masterpiece: The fans created art.” I had an eye on DOT8x8 since they first made their debut, and they definitely put priority on their communication with fans. “Naturally, DOT8x8 hold their hand shaking events often to create art between their fans and them. By meeting their fans, the group gains confidence through fan support in hope they will grow better. As a pop idol, they are grateful for fan support and try not to take it for granted.“ As their manager, John explained his thoughts on their handshaking events with great enthusiasm at the end of the interview. “Thank you for supporting DOT8x8. We hold handshaking events at the PUON department store regularly. We hope everyone comes to these events to get to know the group, especially those who have never heard of DOT8x8 before.“ Although DOT8x8 does not get the recognition it deserves, John Smith says with glint in his eye, “but they will be soon.” I thought the same thing after seeing their fans’ enthusiasm at their handshaking event.

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