Wedding Escape (iPhone / iPad)

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Escape the matrimonial life in this innovative puzzle adventure. Match as many coins and diamonds as possible to advance to the next level and unlock power-ups along your journey. Collect up to 60 characters while competing for high scores with friends and the rest of the world. Wedding Escape is made by a single developer and any feedback would be highly appreciated. Thanks for playing! HOW TO PLAY: "In all of the levels, players are presented with a grid that is filled with coin and diamond tiles. However you’ll notice that there are only two colors of both diamonds and coins. To make matches, you need to FLIP pieces to change their color, rather than swapping them around with each other. This can be done by tapping on a single piece, or you can drag your finger around to adjacent pieces to swap colors of up to five tiles at once. If a flip does not make any matches, then that move is not counted against you. As you make progress in your escape, you will unlock power-ups that you can use on special pieces, which are made by matches of five or more. The power-ups are found above the grid, and to use them, just tap on the one you want, then pick the piece to use it on. But be warned — these count as a move too, so use them to their fullest. The power-ups are bomb (blow up adjacent tiles), mine (clear out pieces in a cross format), magnet (all pieces of one color are cleared out), and flip all. If you make a match with a special tile (indicated by glows or a number attached), then you get bonus tiles to go along with it, as those pieces are like stacks of tiles.” - Christine Chan (@christyxcore) Full review:

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