Sleepy Eyes - Baby Soother (iPhone / iPad)


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A beautiful way to calm your baby to sleep and give some headspace for yourself! Sleepy Eyes takes a selection of tried and tested white noises that may gently calm your baby into sleep. Even works on grown ups... when you want to relax and get some headspace. Comes with 10 carefully selected sounds with more being added over time for free. No need to purchase additional sounds. Offering easy to reach controls for when your little one is causing mayhem. No thumbling around with delicate controls. Current sounds: - Airplane Cabin - Beach - Car Ride - Hairdryer - Rain - Rainforest - Summer Night - Static Noise - Train Ride - Washing Machine 'Choose a sound' to your baby's taste, set a timer or keep the sound going as long as you want. Push the big icon on the playing screen to pause or play the sound. Can also be paused and started again whilst your phone is locked or using control centre. If you have a particular sound you like to see please email me and I'll do my best to add it: For Amelia and Beata. ------------ Want to say hello? Request new sounds? Need help? ------------ Never use headphones on babies! ------------

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