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Peek is the best way to have 5 photos always close to you. It’s so fast, it takes only one swipe on an iPhone, or one tap on your Apple Watch. Use it as a visual reminder, quick glance of your family, or a way to show some pictures without exposing everything in Photos gallery. Peek - Photo Widget is free for a limited time. Get it now! ----- ".. Surprisingly it is so simple & soooo useful! Now I can easily peek my favourite pictures INSTANTLY, without the hassle of opening Photos app, searching for the wanted picture, and exposing all my private photos to the others.." - Dodge_Revolution "..This is an awesome widget! Very usefull to show your favorite pictures quickly! You should download it!" - Lirokenny "画像をフルに表示でき、並び替えや表示数を自由に設定できたら完璧です 期待しています" - ワイヤー(´・_・`)

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